Payroll month Payroll dates Timesheet cut off date Pay date
January 24/12 - 18/01 22-Jan 30-Jan
February 21/01 - 22/02 22-Feb 28-Feb
March 25/02 - 22/03 25-Mar 29-Mar
April 25/03 - 19/04 23-Apr 30-Apr
May 22/04 - 17/05 20-May 30-May
June 20/05 - 21/06 24-Jun 28-Jun
July 24/06 - 19/07 22-Jul 30-Jul
August 22/07 - 23/08 27-Aug 30-Aug
September 26/08 - 20/09 23-Sep 30-Sep
October 23/09 - 18/10 21-Oct 30-Oct
November 21/10 - 22/11 25-Nov 29-Nov
December 25/11 - 20/12 20-Dec 30-Dec
PAYE candidates paid through the Stopgap payroll

In order for Stopgap to make payments to you on a monthly basis as a PAYE freelancer, we require the following details:

  • Bank details
  • P45 or new starter form
  • Home address
  • Date of Birth

Once we have the above information we will be able to pay your earnings into your bank account of choice.

If you have any questions around getting paid, please contact Sue Dale at sue.dale@stopgapgroup.co.uk

Limited company candidate invoicing to Stopgap limited

The above cut off and payment dates also apply if you are a Limited Company candidate and are invoicing Stopgap. Please send your timesheets on a weekly basis to Ian Haysom at ian.haysom@stopgapgroup.co.uk. You will only need to send us one invoice prior to the cut off date covering the timesheets you wish to be paid. As long as we receive these documents before the cut off dates we will be able to pay you in line with the above schedule.

In order for Stopgap to make payments to you as a Limited Company candidate, we require the following details:

  • Company name and registration number
  • Copy of your Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of your VAT Certificate (if applicable)
  • Company bank account details (please note we are only able to pay your company invoices into your company bank account.)

As part of the new HMRC process we also require your:

  • Home address
  • National Insurance number

Once we have received your details and documents, we will perform our due diligence checks before setting you up on our payment system. Don’t worry, we will send you an email with full details of the process and all the information we need if you are placed as a Limited Company candidate.