13 Nov 2023

POV: you’ve written your killer CV and are now feeling confident and motivated to apply to roles but have no idea where to begin or are feeling out of control of the process… 


Look no further, here is your one stop guide to job applications filled with best practices, tips and advice to help you stand out in the process! 


Customise EACH application!  

If I can give just one piece of advice, please resist the urge to send out mass generic applications or use the ‘easy apply’ button, you will get back the time you put into it… nada! To really stand out from the crowd, tailor your CV for each and every position, emphasising the skills and experience that are most relevant to that specific role and customising the language to align with the job description/advert. This will show a personalised touch and not only showcases your attention to detail but also communicates a genuine interest and commitment in the specific position. 


Follow Application Instructions: 

This may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many applicants overlook this. Follow the application instructions to a T, whether that’s a specific email subject line, a requested format or an application deadline – adhering to the instructions already puts you on the right track!  


Polish your Online Presence: 

A hiring manager or recruiter receives your CV, the very next thing they will do is visit your LinkedIn page so this in turn becomes a significant part of your application! Ensure your LI profile is not just up to date, but reflective of your professional journey. Showcase projects, endorse skills and engage with industry content to boost your application beyond your CV and bring your application to life. 


Network with Purpose: 

Networking isn’t just for after you get the job; it’s an integral part of the application process. Attend industry events, connect with professionals on LI and engage in meaningful conversations. Networking not only provides insights but can often lead to mentorship and job leads! 


Be Organised and Responsive: 

Timeliness is key. Once your application is sent, ensure to respond to any communication from the hiring manager promptly. A quick, professional response reflects your eagerness and professionalism and shows that you applied for the role with purpose and intent of chatting further. Try to keep a note of the roles you are applying and who they are with, and if someone calls you and you can’t remember the exact role – don’t be afraid to ask which role they are referring to! 


Prepare for Different Stages: 

Processes can look very different role to role. If you are applying through recruiters, it is our job to determine your relevance, so a screening call (maybe multiple) will be necessary, alongside potentially providing further examples, a case study or portfolio. With this in mind, prepare responses for common questions and ensure you can talk through your experience clearly and concisely. The more confident and well-prepared you are here, the better your chances are of securing an interview with the employer. 


Reflect and Learn: 

If a particular application doesn’t result in an interview, take it as an opportunity for reflection. Assess your approach, seek feedback if possible, and amend for the next application. Every application is a chance to learn and refine your strategy! 


By incorporating these best practices, you’ll not only navigate the application process more effectively, but also increase your chances of securing an interview and in turn potentially landing the role of your dreams! 

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