21 Feb 2022

Welcome to our Marketing Digest - a series where we pick out some things we've seen from the world of marketing, creative, charity... social enterprise that we've really liked.



Cupid sending Cu-bids


Ebay launched their #EbayCubid this year as part of their Valentine’s campaign. In a bid (pardon the pun) to be more inclusive this Valentine’s, they have given their audience the chance to score an item they’ve been pining for. The new campaign, created by McCann London, invited customers to share an item from their Watch List that they’ve been longing for, in the hopes that Ebay’s little #Cubid cherub shoots a bid their way. A great interactive campaign that gets users onto their site!




NHS Englands 'Hands'


NHS England shared an important message this Valentine’s Day, in a bid to raise awareness about the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack. The, quite literally, heartfelt campaign is called ‘hands’. Created by M&C Saatchi London, the scene depicts a man stood by a roadside with hands squeezing his chest. Because he is aware of the symptoms, he has time to make a call to 999. Although this ad is more serious than the usual Valentine’s campaigns, we think this is a great message.





Hellman's Super Bowl Mayo


New England Patriots coach Jerod Mayo played a fitting role in the Hellman’s mayo advert for this year's Super Bowl. Alongside the controversial Pete Davidson, he highlights the importance of reducing food waste – with a comedic twist of course. We like that this ad has pretty relevant links to the *actual* Super Bowl, but the element of shock when he tackles his food-wasting opponents to the floor is what makes the ad. Seriously though, we hope Grandma’s okay.  





General Motors Super Bowl - Dr. Evil


Mike Myers was back as he reprised his iconic ‘Dr. Evil’ role for American car dealer General Motors. We are told Dr. Evil plans to go electric so that he can stop climate change ruining the Earth before him. This humorous take is a throwback for many Super bowl viewers and Austin Powers fans, with the classic character appearing for the first time in 20 years! New Austin Powers soon, please?






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