Think of us as your HR partner.

Our suite of Executive Enhanced services can be stand-alone or part of your package of suport.

Choose from:
  • Organisational advice: lean on the years of experience our recruitment consultants have to optimise your team’s structure with a specialist audit. Matrix organisations, cross border collaboration, global / local, emerging trends… we’ve got it covered.
  • Role profile preparation: let us create a briefing pack that shows your organisation in the best light and attracts the right calibre of candidates. Accurately defining the role at the outset speeds up the whole recruitment process and enhances your employer brand reputation.
  • Interview profiling: create a great experience for both parties. We can help you prepare a consistent approach to interviews using a range of techniques including competency-based questions, scorecard evaluation and more creative forms of assessment for confident, effective decision making.
  • Reference taking: call on us to undertake a thorough referencing service to get a deep insight into your potential hire’s management style, personality traits and behaviours under pressure to ensure that they will live up to expectations. We’ll also conduct security clearance including CCJ and CRB checks. As this is a stand-alone service, we are happy to extend our impartial reference taking service to employers considering candidates who have not been introduced by Stopgap.
  • Executive Coaching: we can provide leadership coaching and mentoring for new executive appointments on a one-to-one basis. Extra support in the critical early days will help them to make an impact and ensure you benefit from an excellent return on investment through talent retention.
  • Industry Assessment: our unrivalled insight into marketing, digital and agency operations across the UK enables us to offer employers a highly competitive benchmarking and intelligence gathering service so that you are fully prepared for your next recruitment cycle. A bespoke service according to your specific brief, this might encompass, for example, insight into team structures, skills gaps and compensation expectations across multiple market sectors.
  • Character Profiling: We can help ensure that your potential senior hire will align with the people already in your business by getting a deeper understanding of them using our proprietary Character Analysis tool. By building a picture of personal preferences and behavioural traits of potential candidates and your current team, our profiling provides you with insight into team alignment, avoiding any unexpected surprises in the future.

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