26 May 2023

Welcome to our May Marketing Digest - where we pick out some of our favourite marketing campaigns we've seen!


Check out what we loved this month:



Walkers test the Crisp Craze. 


Are you crisps in sandwich type of person? 

Walkers have worked with VCCP to deliver their latest crisp campaign - or do we call it a debate?! Following on from their previous campaign, Walkers have sparked a conversation about being #CrispIN or #CrispOUT. In their latest comical TV campaign, members of the public can be seen in varying situations, embarrassing or shocking those around them by crunching walkers originals, wotsits, and monster munch into a hearty sandwich. This ad hits the top spot for bringing real-life quirky conversations to their audience. 




Spreading love Nationwide


You’ll be feeling rather smug right now if you’re a nationwide customer. They’ve just announced the ‘Nationwide fairer share’ initiative, that gives all eligible customers a £100 share of the Building Society's profit. And not only that, to compliment the already generous gesture, they have created a wholesome, and righteous ad campaign, working alongside New Commercial Arts agency, and Wavemaker UK. The OOH activations are quite aptly being displayed ‘nationwide’, with messages of support such as ‘when we profit, so do our members’.



Lego's Latest Display


This one can be enjoyed by all the family. A spectacular DOOH display has cropped up in London’s piccadilly circus, amongst other notable locations around the world, to showcase Lego’s new YouTube series ‘Dreamzzz’. Different characters are featured on each billboard, with a giant flying owl cat (yes, you heard that right) taking the top spot in London. But Lego haven’t just put on a display, they have also launched a rewards scheme on the Lego Life app for kids (and adults!) to get involved in from May to August this year. It seems as though Lego’s in house agency ‘Our Lego Agency’, Amplify and Inertia Studios have absolutely smashed this brief!



Tommy’s lift the trophy of Charity Champions. 

Tommy’s worked together with VMLY&R UK and Mindshare at the beginning of this month to raise awareness of baby loss. Their campaign, titled ‘Let’s bring them home’ makes reference to one team lifting the trophy at the 2023 Women’s FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United. For some, however, ‘bringing them home’ isn’t possible. Tommy’s are leading the way with ground-breaking research to help diminish this heartbreak. The OOH work was displayed outside Wembley Stadium for each and every fan to see, as they made their way into the stadium. The eye-catching artwork showing a trophy sat on baby blocks is a clever reference to the football. 



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