23 Aug 2022

As part of #JobFest, we're interviewing our consultants about what their industry sectors are like at the moment. This week, our Principal Consultants Jackie and Moira are giving us an insight into the B2B Executive space!


Jackie and Moira! What sector/s do you cover?


Moira and I (massive marketing and exec recruitment experience between us) are a job share and we recruit senior marketing professionals in B2B, a vast remit! Our jobs tend to start around the £80k mark and we hire Heads of Marketing, Marketing Directors, VPs of Marketing, CMOs, Event Directors, Heads of Product Marketing, Performance Marketing Directors, Heads of Digital, you name it...While we don't specialise in an industry sector, there are a few where most of our briefs tend to fall - tech is enormous (edtech, healthtech, fintech, proptech...), property, education, professional services and charity.  



What is it like at the moment for senior marketers?


It's busy but things move at a variety of paces: we're stressing to clients that candidates are getting multiple offers so they need to act fast and keep interview processes short, however, some of our clients are so busy that recruitment falls down the priority list, even though they know how important it is! Clients are being highly selective and demanding, understandable, however, it is a candidate-led market and there aren't enough candidates to fill the gaps. We are constantly recommending candidates who have proved their skills transfer across sectors. Related to this, salaries are, at last, going up - marketing salaries seem to have been quite stagnant for a while and they are definitely creeping up - as candidates realise their worth and for high demand skills areas.



What are the most in-demand roles?


Product marketing is in high demand: it has been in the tech industry for some time but more and more companies outside the tech space are realising the benefits of product marketing specialists and putting new structures in place. Almost all of our roles, surprisingly, demand people who are still comfortable delivering and being hands on as they are writing the strategy, briefing agencies and leading teams. Performance marketing is another in demand area along with events, as we emerge from the stranglehold of Covid and more companies are reaping the benefits of face to face marketing, key in B2B where relationships are paramount and lead times can be very long. That said, we do handle a lot of broad roles because our candidates are likely to be responsible for the whole marketing effort of a business, with or without a team. Where they will be taking on a team, people skills are vital, as clients look for experience of having led high performing teams which deliver real, tangible results.



What could candidates expect from a job at this level?


Our candidates usually expect shares to form a part of their package, they love and therefore insist on hybrid working, non-negotiable these days and they generally get an improved benefits package, e.g. incl healthcare and enhanced pension matching. Bonuses are also important as senior marketers are required to have a direct impact on turnover so they expect, in return, a bonus scheme that is directly linked to revenue.



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