04 May 2022

Welcome to the first Agency Digest, a monthly look at the world of Creative & Marketing Agencies from us, the dedicated Agency Talent Team at Stopgap. 


We'll be sharing with you our thoughts on the industry, advice whether you're recruiting or looking for that dream agency job, as well as highlighting some of our favourite recent campaigns by some of the best agencies out there, big and small! Oh, and letting you know about our latest wonderful agency roles of course! 


At The Water Cooler (Or Should I Say In-Office Processo Tap!) 


Just a couple of things we've been discussing on LinkedIn recently are Offer Etiquette and moving from client-side to agency - why is it more unusual? I discussed why although there is nothing wrong with a candidate strong market, and I'm seeing lots of great candidates receive multiple offers, I believe it's still important to manage that situation well. You can read more here.


We also put out a poll to see which people thought was a harder move, agency to client-side, or client-side to agency. The results were comprehensive, and perhaps not surprising. But Sarah had some strong thoughts on why it can be a bit of a myth and believes client side candidates can thrive going to an agency. Let her know what you think. 



We LOVE a good campaign...


We love seeing great campaigns, especially from our clients of course, you lovely lot! But here are some of our recent favourites from a range of fab agencies!




TalkTalk Pit Crew show the Need for Speed!


One from a fabulous client of ours - The&Partnership have teamed up with Telecom triumph TalkTalk in their latest campaign, showing off their flashy new full fibre Broadband package. The ad begins with a couple on their way to the hospital ready to have a baby, when, incoventiently, the petrol light in their car dings. As they pull into the petrol station, the TalkTalk pit crew emerge in true Formula 1 style. One super speedy tyre change and re-fuel later, and they're on their way. The ad finishes with a cheeky reminder from TalkTalk that 'some things are better faster'. We like!!




Longer Lunch Break?...that's so 2020


Wonderhood Studios have cleverly collaborated with Branston Pickle to outline the issues we're facing with lunch hours after COVID-19. According to Branston Pickle, 73% of working Brits do not manage to take their full hour of lunch away from their desk. Together, Wonderhood Studios and Branston Pickle have created the 'pickle plugin', a downloadable pop-up that urges workers to take their full lunch break away from their desk, by disabling their computers. The pop-up features the iconic cheese and Branston Pickle sandwich, a top favourite sandwich filling amonst many Brits. Alongside this, they've created OOH campaigns with cleverly curated puns that big corporations can't ignore. We're all about a fun, cheeky campaign, and this one ticks all the boxes!




Storming into the drinks industry - White Claw Makes Waves


The new campaign, in collaboration with fantastic agency VCCP, shows a powerful and metaphor-filled piece of cinema. The ad is showing off the true potential of White Claw, by looking beyond the drink to uncover optimism, opportunity and potential. The film depicts people running from the storm, whilst a surfer rushes towards the grey seas, looking for an opportunity to ride the rocky waves. The sun then breaks through the clouds, depicting a 'head on' tackle that provides a positive outcome for the surfer. We like that this positions the brand as a really strong and powerful force!






Finally, of course, you can take a look at all of our current agency opportunities here. TTFN! 


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