08 Nov 2021

Ever wondered what a marketing executive gets up to day-to-day? Here’s my experience working in my role as Marketing Executive at Stopgap.  


A bit about me 


I’m an English Language and Linguistics graduate from UWE Bristol, with a passion for Formula 1. My interest in Marketing came through my love for F1 – I loved how teams were so clever with new campaigns and car launches, and the level of engagement across all social channels is unmatched. I decided I wanted to give marketing a go, and so far it’s been amazing! 


Being a Marketing Executive at Stopgap is my first full time role, and essentially, my job is to assist our Marketing Manager Tom with our Marketing Strategy. This ranges from social and event planning to social media management and content creation.  


My typical day looks like... 



Firstly – cup of tea! Then log in, check for any new job advertisements, and respond to any unseen emails. I’ll open our social media scheduling platform and check what content we have planned. 


Meeting with our Marketing Manager Tom to go through the marketing strategy for the week. This can range from social media posts, to planning for an upcoming campaign. 


Making social posts in photoshop, scheduling the approved posts, and finding new potential content for us to use or create. Checking job ads and replying to some more emails! 





Sometimes we can have a meeting with a graphic designer, or a company we’re working with about an upcoming product or campaign.  


Start planning/writing our latest blog. Finding info and doing research and making notes until I have a solid plan.   


Checking emails and any new job ads before I leave for the day 


Home time! 


The bits I enjoy most are... 

The social advertising and content creation! It involves lots of creativity and forward-thinking, and it can be extremely varied as trends change rapidly. And it’s interesting to monitor our performance from our social advertising. It’s always rewarding to see what your work has achieved! 


I also love working collaboratively with Tom – it’s fun bouncing ideas around, and even better when these ideas come to life! 


The things I wasn't expecting from the role... 


How demanding and fast-paced it is! The job is highly rewarding, and often good fun, but there is a huge amount of work (and admin!) that goes into the production of marketing campaigns. You have to keep up to date with latest trends and news to make sure you’re always at the top of your game! 

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