Paye candidates paid through the Stopgap payroll

As a PAYE candidate, you will accrue Statutory Holiday as you work. If you work full-time from January to December, you will receive 28 days holiday per year - plenty of time to enjoy some well-earned R&R.

Our holiday year runs from January to December and all holiday must be taken by the end of December or it will be lost. This is set out under strict guidelines as per the Working Time Regulations.

Note: Statutory Holiday is calculated on days worked x 12.07% and as a freelancer, Statutory Holidays (incl. Bank Holidays) are not automatically paid for and will need to be shown as paid or unpaid holiday on your timesheet.

For more information on holidays, please contact Sue Dale at

Limited company candidate

If you are a Limited Company candidate, either invoicing directly to the client or to Stopgap, you do not qualify for Statutory Holiday pay but this allowance should be covered within your agreed day rate.