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Life at Stopgap

We have a unique culture which we’re proud of, so we’re not afraid to shout about it from the rooftops. 

We are open and honest and this makes the office a place that is fun to work in, yet professional and hard-working. It's a grown-up environment filled with "grown-up" people (whatever your age!) - who all like to have a lot of fun!

We have cakes, we have chocolate, we have office dogs and we have music, (including a cheesy Friday playlist)…what more could you want?! Our office is open plan so there’s no hiding away, not even from the MD!  

And we have five Guiding Principles that are inherent to who we are. They govern everything that we do and are the very essence of The Stopgap Way…



We’re flexible to the needs of those we work with; adapting and evolving, ever ready to respond to any issue. 


We’re proud of our inclusive, all-embracing culture, which sees us communicate and help one another at all times.


By pushing the boundaries, we have established ourselves as a genuinely different recruitment agency.


We operate in an open and honest manner, and extend the same professional courtesy to each other as we do our clients and candidates.


Our passion makes us creative and curious; it makes us want to try new and different things, and it makes us want to keep on going when things get tough.


Our Guiding Principles not been ‘created’ or ‘designed’, but have evolved from our genuine desire to challenge the recruitment industry’s reputation for bad practice and poor service, and to grow a company that truly looks after its staff.