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I wanted to thank you for all your help with my job search and for keeping me updated along the way. The way you guys work is a really refreshing approach compared to most recruitment agencies and was much appreciated.

You guys were the first I thought of, because honestly based on my experience, you are by far the most professional and reliable recruiter I've dealt with.

Stopgap is definitely one of the best recruitment agencies I have come across, so I hope that we can work together again

Having worked with a number of recruitment agencies over the years from both a hiring and being hired point of view, my recent experience of Stopgap has been by far one of the most professional.

The next time we are looking for someone to fill a senior marketing position we will definitely be using Stopgap.

Out of all the recruitment agencies I’ve worked with I’ve had the most support from Stopgap - you've been the best and most trustworthy. 

I have always been grateful for the support Stopgap has given me and out of all the agencies I've dealt with over the past year, I honestly have to say you guys have been the best. 

Stopgap have been fantastic to work with and I'll certainly recommend you guys to any of my friends who are job hunting.

You’ve been consistently the best agency from a candidate point of view that I’ve ever used. 

Thanks for all your help. As usual fab service from team Stopgap!

Thank you Stopgap. You are brilliant. A dream come true! 

I appreciate all your help and really have no words to describe how highly I think of your agency

Stopgap has a vast knowledge of the marketing recruitment marketplace and I know I can always rely on you to find us a high quality, high calibre short-list.

Compared to other recruiters, Stopgap has been by far my very best experience. You're all fantastic at what you do, and I really can't thank you enough!

In my current role I often have to deal with recruitment agencies. Many of them provide an un-satisfactory service and would do well to conduct themselves as well as Stopgap. It's refreshing to see such professionalism in an industry that often (in my opinion) doesn't always mirror this.

Many thanks again you guys are really brilliant. 

I was touched to receive the box of chocolates and the card from you today. Thank you very much! It's very thoughtful of you. Also, I want to say Thank You for all your help and assistance with my employment. I wouldn't be where I am now without you. You're doing an amazing job and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who's hunting for a job. 


Once again, a big Thank You! And I hope we can stay in touch. 

I also want to thank you and everyone at Stopgap! You are truly the best recruitment agency! If I start looking for a new role, you’ll be the first to know.


I really loved working with you! Thanks you so much for taking the time to meet me. 


Let’s keep in touch.

Stopgap were a pleasure to work with and provided a great selection of candidates that fitted our brief perfectly. They were efficient and organised and understood our needs exactly to help us find the right candidate as quickly as possible.

The Stopgap team did a great job of identifying the very best candidates for the
role. I’m delighted to have got someone on board so quickly.

I really enjoyed Christine's help and advice when I wanted to make an important career change. From the basics of getting my CV "just right" for the industry I was looking at and always respecting my job wishes when roles became available, to giving specific advice on how to prepare for an interview and thoroughly advocating me to the company of my choice. Christine offers the full service you need when you are looking for a new opportunity. It's been a pleasure working with her and I am thrilled to say I have now found my dream job!

Stopgap’s reputation and industry presence are legendary – and that obviously doesn’t happen by accident. The team’s ability to understand a requirement, offer good advice and put the right people forward, often at short notice, is testament to the firm’s commitment to agencies and candidates alike – and the Stopgap candidate engagement programme is one more example of how the firm is always working to optimise the recruitment process.

Jackie really knows her business. I felt I was working with someone who listened and gave great, tailored advice. On her guidance, I updated my CV, and with her support I had confident, informed interviews with a company where I feel I'm a great fit and they think so too as they've offered me a role that is permanent. She has worked magic where I thought it was not going to happen. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Thank you so much for finding me this brilliant new position! And for all your help, advice, preparation and feedback - you've been absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. I couldn't recommend more capable hands to be in! Thanks again. 

I have always found every placement through you perfect and never felt the need to really question. I think I've trusted your judgement more than my own!!

Sarah has been so efficient and organised all the way and very good at communicating back to me. She has been on top of everything, provided great briefings and paid a lot of attention to detail, meaning the experience of working with StopGap has been really good.

It’s been a pleasure working with you over the past few years – thanks for all your help uncovering some gems for the team! Really like the Stopgap approach so keep up the great work! Once I get settled into a new challenge, I’m sure I’ll be back in touch when the need for candidates arises!

Thank you for your support in my job search. You are without a doubt one of the most professional and knowledgeable consultants I came into contact with, and there were a few!

You've really understood what I'm looking for - thank you. I have worked with other recruiters in the past and they just send you through everything they've got rather than thinking about what’s right. I really appreciate it. 

Thanks so much for making the experience with Stopgap so enjoyable and easy. I had the impression of the different type of service you gave from the outside and it was certainly a reality in practice. Taking the time to understand the brand and the ethos was much appreciated and I believe that approach helped save time in candidate selection. I am sure we will work together again, the team will grow and you’ll certainly be my agency of choice.

I have really enjoyed working with you with regards to searching for a new role and would have to say that the Stopgap team are a standout above the other agencies, thank you. 

Thank you so much for your help and advice in my job search. Stopgap has by far been my favourite and most trusted agency. It's been so great having the support from everyone in the Stopgap team. 

Whenever I talk with marketing/creative people looking for work I always recommend they check Stopgap out. You gave me the best, most constructive feedback on my CV, which made a lasting impression and stood out compared to other recruitment agencies! 

I would like to pass on my thanks and admiration for your attention and delivery, I don't think I have ever come across recruitment professionals like you who took the time to ring and chase like you have and it was very much appreciated. You are obviously aiming for service par excellence and you certainly delivered and it should be recognised and applauded. You are a credit to Stopgap and the recruitment industry as a whole.

Thank you very much for all of your help in my search. I have been really impressed with the calibre of agencies and considerate approach you and your team have offered. I will certainly be in touch with you again when I next look for a role and I will recommend you to any of my friends and colleagues who are looking.

You were fantastic to work with so thank you so much, I'll definitely be in touch if and when I'm looking again. I'd also happily recommend you to anyone I know who is looking.

I’m pleasantly surprised about the positive approach, the ‘Stopgap way’, professionalism and dedication of the Stopgap team. I can see what makes you stand out among all other recruitment agencies and I truly appreciate your advice, as well as your willingness and desire to try and match my aspirations.

It's been great working with Fiona over the last couple of months. When I first met her she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable before going to my first interview, and since has been great in keeping me updated and giving me feedback regarding the roles she's applied me for and the interviews I've had. Plus, Fiona has managed to find me a great job that I'm incredibly happy to be starting next month.

I just wanted to thank you for your help during my job search it's been an absolute pleasure to deal with Stopgap and I'll keep you posted in the future.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you!...I'm over the moon with the offer and can't wait to start at BA. I've also never come across a recruiter who seems to genuinely care so thank you I really appreciate everything you've done!

It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for being your brilliant self. I must let you know that I have had the quickest response in my job search from you and Stopgap.  As an event specialist, a marketing agency would not have been my first point of call but I am so glad I got in touch

Thanks so much for all your help. Delighted with the outcome. Once again it has been a pleasure working with the Stopgap team.

Stopgap is definitely doing things differently & am well impressed. You guys are fabulous 

Can I just say what a delightful, clever and informed professional you are! I know how busy you all are but to take time out to help someone going through a tough time is really fantastic, it really is!...Thank you very much as you've given me a little faith back in the industry and myself.

I just wanted to express my complete and utter thanks and appreciation for everything that you all and the Stopgap team did for me in helping me find a position.  I could not have dreamed for a better experience!  

You are amazing !!!! An amazing person who kept her word when it usually
only seems to be a figure of speech in today’s world and you're an amazing
professional for the manner in which you followed up with me.

Thank you very much. I'm so pleased you really did an amazing job! Best recruitment agency staff I've ever worked with.

In my experience Christine has a rare quality among recruitment consultants. She has the ability to listen and understand not only to what the client is looking for, but also the motivations and aspirations of the candidates which results in the long term fruitful partnerships. Any strong marketing professionals that are searching for their dream job will get a fantastic partner in Christine.

Thank you also for being so helpful over the last few weeks with finding work. If I'm honest a lot of recruiters haven't been good and you have put my faith back in that there are good one's out there. You didn't push anything on me and made me feel like it was my decision, so thanks. If anyone needs a recruiter I will be recommending you for sure!

As always, Stopgap prevails as the most distinguished recruiter I work with, and believe me there are many (!) since you are the only ones who ALWAYS send feedback or a reply, even when one is unsuccessful. Kudos to you and the team for standing well above in what is an ever growing massive crowd – yet no-one can hold a candle to you in this respect. I am so impressed!

Christine is an outstanding recruitment professional. Like her other Stopgap colleagues, Christine places great value on getting to know her candidates at a deeper level than is common within the industry. Because of her innate ability to read people and to quickly understand a candidate's individual skills and needs, she provides a highly bespoke service, which differs dramatically from the superficial box-ticking recruitment approach often seen elsewhere. Christine is friendly, positive and supportive, going beyond the call of duty to ensure that both candidates and clients are satisfied with any recruitment outcomes. I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone looking for a refreshingly genuine, positive recruitment experience.

Claudine has proven to be very effective in submitting high quality candidates that both meet and exceed recruitment briefs. This is achieved from her extensive knowledge of the market place, fully understanding and challenging the client brief and her attention to detail.

You guys have shown me a far superior recruitment service to any other agency I've liaised with in the UK and I no longer fear being in-between jobs if I can work together with you and Stopgap

I have worked with Jacqueline on and off since 2006 and from the first day I met her had immediate rapport. Her ability to understand the nuances of situations and data coupled with her natural people skills gives her an air of credibility and warmth which is a key ingredient for the type of work she does at Stopgap. I have immense trust in Jacqueline and truly respect her tenacity and desire to succeed.

Professional, empathetic, friendly, supportive and encouraging. Her patience and persistence have always been welcome

Having dealt directly with Kelly for a very short period of time, her expertise in her industry as well as her positive attitude and her consistent communication skills, puts her ahead of many.

I recently contacted Lee when I was searching for a new interim role. She took great time to find out about me and what I was looking for. As a result the companies and roles she suggested were perfect. She provides excellent advice and encouragement. Lee is always cheerful and is an absolutely fantastic consultant with great knowledge and enthusiasm. When I am looking for a new role (or if I am recruiting) in the future, Lee will be first on my list of contacts

Every company could do with a Paulo - he is highly capable, being able to start with insights from high-level process analysis and then taking this through to the delivery of on the ground business process optimisation. He is always a pleasure to work with and I only wish I had someone of his calibre driving all of my projects.

You have shown a desire to try and match my aspirations with those of a company and not just seen me as a commodity with a bunch of skills - thank you.

I can't recommend Stopgap highly enough - they are the one recruitment partner I would not be without.

I really appreciated the in-depth interview and came away highly convinced that in Stopgap I have found one of the most professional (and human!) recruitment consultancies in London.

You are the only ones who ALWAYS send feedback or a reply, even when one is unsuccessful.

Thanks and well done for achieving the impossible, you’ve restored my faith in the recruitment industry, mankind and life in general!

All the team members I have dealt with at Stopgap have been on the ball and lovely! Your advice, encouragement and knowledge in the field has been crucial and I can't thank you enough!

Thank you for taking the time to understand what type of role I am interested in. You were head and shoulders above the large global recruiters I have met with.

There's a sense of urgency in fulfilling the client brief, and by securing, up front, the best and most detailed knowledge of client requirements.

For this requirement you provided better quality CVs but more importantly a better level of customer service and faster response times.

Your expertise and knowledge of the marketing sector and your honest and open approach with both myself and your candidates was very much appreciated.

Your enthusiasm and engagement enabled us to get onboard the right talent at the right time.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful box of chocolates, it was a complete surprise and a delight! to both myself and the Bulletproof team too :)


But more importantly thank you for your support through my job-hunt journey, I really felt you listened to what I was looking for/ gave me job opportunities that suited my experience too (didn't just send anything across).


You also really lifted me up when I didn't get a job offer, but that's ok as it's about what's right for them and you and those weren't meant to be. 

Just a quick one to say thanks so much for the bottle of Champagne which I’ve just received.

It was a wonderful surprise and very generous.

I've been on Stopgap's books for 20 plus years and compared to others they are certainly more candidate sensitive and supportive.

Stopgap were highly professional despite the distance between London and
Dubai. Stopgap’s speed and commitment to response was highly appreciated.

Throughout the selection process Stopgap were true to their word, supporting us
with professionalism and knowledge of their candidates.

I contacted Christine when seeking new opportunities. I was very impressed by her efficiency and ability to provide relevant options which matched my specific experiences and skills. She understood what I wanted and was very supportive, not only providing me with relevant options but also with guidance and advice throughout the process. I would not hesitate in recommending Christine to anybody who is looking for a talented professional who cares about the people she is dealing with, you will not just be another number! "

As a marketing professional new to the UK and its market, I was very fortunate in getting in touch with Stopgap and Amy in particular. Her helpfulness, understanding of my situation and job hunting advice really contributed to give me the guidance I needed to successfully navigate this brave new world, and I have nothing but praise to give her for her work.

Julia was my first recruiter and she really made herself available to guide me and prepare me before all my interviews. She gets the best out of me and that's why I highly trust and recommend her.

From the outset Lee made an effort to get to know me and my needs, matched me to a great role and was proactive in keeping me updated at each step of the process. Lee is open and honest with a great sense of humour, which made her a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to employers and candidates alike.

I was really impressed with the quality of candidates you submitted and with your service -  I felt like you really understood our brief and our context and the kind of person fit that we were looking for. We will certainly call on you for future recruitment needs - things don’t stand still here for long!

Having used various other agencies in the past, I believe that Stopgap is unique and I am very impressed by the services offered to me as a candidate. Stopgap is extremely professional, helpful and supportive. The team is very organised and punctual. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to others.

Just to say that I left with an extra skip in my step following our conversation. I sense you ‘get me’ and valued your thoughts, observations and advice enormously. Thank you.

Thank you for all your hard work and support. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and colleagues within advertising. I will definitely give you a call again in the future should I begin to look for something new.

I cannot sing your praises highly enough - you have been absolutely amazing in finding me this new role. You took the time and trouble to actually listen to me and find me that role that I said I wanted! Something I could feel passionate about! Big thank you - you are obviously passionate about what you do and that shines through.

I really appreciate all of the work you have done for me and can't believe what fantastic service I've received from your team members. Thanks again for all of your hard work and I'd definitely recommend Stopgap to all in the future.

I’m pleasantly surprised about the positive approach, the ‘Stopgap way’, professionalism and dedication of the Stopgap team. A friend recommended the Stopgap website and I can see what makes you stand out among all other recruitment agencies. I truly appreciate your advice, as well willingness and desire to try and match my aspirations.

I want to thank you for your help and support, I worked with a number of recruiters during this job hunt and have to say that you and the team at Stopgap were by far the best and most friendly to work with. I'll definitely think of you guys when looking for my next adventure. 

I just wanted to send a note of thanks. I enjoyed hearing your perspective on the job market, so much of what you said rings true. You gave me the best feedback I have heard yet on my CV. That could be a game changer for me. 

I’ve been so impressed with the support offered by Kate Boston of the Stopgap team. She listened carefully to the brief and responded with a solid and appropriate list of candidates. She was tireless in delivery, and more than anything else, she was a delight to deal with.

Just wanted to say thank you to you all for your support and efficiency. Stopgap provided a great service and I will strongly recommend you all to any future candidates.

I would really like to thank you very much for all your help during my job search and that you always had me "on your radar". I am really thankful for that! You were really one of the people who made a difference to my search!

Out of all the agencies in the London area that I have dealt with personally, you are the ones that left a lasting impression. 

Stopgap has exceeded my expectations. They supplied us with two of the finest account directors I have ever worked with, but also they found them without difficulty. I believe this in part reflects their selection process but also the company’s approach in not only understanding the technical aspects of the brief but most importantly the culture and values of the candidates and the agencies involved. To cap it all, their staff – whoever picks up the phone – feel like real grown ups who understand just how critical it is to find the right fit. In a world where I suspect temp to perm hiring will increasingly be the model for expensive, critical hirings, I believe Stopgap have a particular advantage.

Just a quick note to thank you ever so much for the yummy chocolates you sent over – a very pleasant, unexpected surprise! My first week has gone really well, everyone here is extremely friendly and welcoming and the role seems like a great fit for me. Thanks for everything

Just want to send you my sincerest thanks for everything you've done to help me, its been a pleasure to work with you and I owe you so much. 

You ladies are truly an amazing team! I thank you for your amazing service, professionalism and friendliness.  You will definitely be first on my list to pass on details to friends and colleagues that might be interested in a change of career. I've already suggested my close friend to give you a call.

I just wanted to reiterate how grateful I am to you for your help when I first arrived in London. The Transport Museum was a family for me while in the UK and with a lot changing in my personal life during my time in London that job kept my safe and happy and gave me the stability I desperately needed to make sure I stayed here. I owe you a lot and I need you to understand the impact the amazing work you do and probably think nothing of can actually have on those of us you help to find employment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and putting my name forward all those years ago. You are a superstar.

I'd like to say thank you for all your help, you ladies really have been the BEST recruitment people I have ever worked with.

Thank you all for the efforts that you all put into finding a role that suited me. You were all so supportive and helpful. I must say that Stopgap, as a whole, has been leaps and bounds ahead of most of the other recruitment agencies that I worked with, so well done you! 

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my deepest appreciations for the assistance you provided in my recent search for work. Although my new position was found through a direct approach, your feedback and friendly demeanour truly was a breath of fresh air in a time when recruiter after recruiter was negative, unhelpful, and often rude. I cannot express my thanks enough for your constructive feedback, and for being such a delightful and positive individual - something that not only kept my determination strong, but also my spirits high. Should I be in a capacity to hire in future, I will definitely seek out your personal assistance.

Thank you very much. I'm so pleased you really did an amazing job! Best recruitment agency staff I've ever worked with.

I have worked with Jackie for about 3 years in relation to our marketing recruitment and would have no hesitation in recommending her. She has always been a pleasure to work with – very personable and keen to understand our requirements well so that she can source candidates who best fit our roles and also our environment/culture. Jackie is thorough and diligent and also very good at keeping in touch with me both during specific recruitment assignments and also more generally. Jackie has placed two members of our current Marketing team over the past 2 years.

I'm so grateful to you and the team there for all your support over the last few months. You've been absolutely fantastic. You really do blow the competition out of the water.

Zoe I cannot thank you enough for your support, your kind words, not to mention the professional help you’ve given me in the time I’ve known you.  I say this without reservation, you have helped change my life for the better – I’d not be happy, loving my work, and more importantly having the balance I have in my life right now if it was not for your support and encouragement.

Charlie is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. The work she does unstintingly for others is a great example to all. She is clearly a complete rock to her team, works quite brilliantly under pressure (I've never seen her be anything but helpful and positive despite what she must have to deal with at times) and is willing and able to help out other teams / people to ensure that candidates and clients get the service we strive to offer them. Charlie, you are a great example of what the "Stopgap way" should be all about. Hats off! You should be proud of your efforts.

Claire found me my current role at Age UK, and several previous roles. Claire has a fantastic ability to match people and places, and seems to understand client needs more than any other agency I've worked with. I have since used Stop Gap on numerous occasions to help find me the perfect team. I would recommend Claire and her team as being of the very highest standard in recruitment.

Eloise at Stopgap is one of the best recruiters I've worked with because her service is both first-class and personal. She takes the time to really understand your experience and future career goals, provides worthwhile career advice, matches you to the right roles with great employers and keeps you updated and informed throughout the process. As a previous candidate, should I find myself needing resources in the future I will be sure to hire Eloise and Stopgap, knowing that they carefully match people to the right role ensuring a lasting and harmonious fit

You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and it was always so personal and easy to have an open conversation, which is essential in finding the right job. When you have not been available you have always made sure that other team members were properly briefed and checked in with me regularly and, in fact, all the team members I have dealt with at Stopgap have been on the ball and lovely! 

Thanks again, we really do have the great fit for the team that we were looking for!! Also, we may have more marketing positions coming up later in the year. I have recommended you to our Head of Marketing (although, of course, he already knows your brand). You’ll be the first we call when we’re recruiting next time!

Kate's reliability, expertise and passion for the advertising industry has not only given me the drive to excel in the role that she placed me in but also has provided me with the confidence and support that is required in the transitional period on both a business and personal level. She is an outstanding communicator who has been efficient in all of our dealings. As a brand custodian for Stopgap, I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate and Stopgap recruitment services to colleagues, friends and agencies in the industry

A big THANK YOU for your support in getting the role and for the nice gift I have just got. Starting off my second week at Evans and I am absolutely loving it! Thanks again for all your help and let's keep in touch.”

Thanks for the call and info - and can I say how refreshing it is to see an email that says everything it needs to say so succinctly. I will certainly bear you in mind if our current recruitment does not produce the right result for us

I can't say enough about Stopgap. You are all superb. A stand out company, quality in everything you do. Completely impressed.
Stopgap are able to deliver a high proportion of candidates who technically fit the role, as well as culturally fitting my business and department.
It is very refreshing to find a recruitment agency that places such a high emphasis on working collaboratively with those who register with them and who care about their career development.

It was the most professional and productive meeting I have had with a recruitment agency to date, which was very refreshing and encouraging.

I've been in touch with several recruiters but you were clearly the most dedicated and supportive.
You guys have shown me a far superior recruitment service to any other agency I've liaised with in the UK.
I am delighted to be able to tell you how much Stopgap's professionalism sets you apart from the pack!

Working with Stopgap has been like a breath of fresh air compared to some other agencies - their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.

The team are friendly, very responsive and always helpful and on hand, for both clients as well as candidates.

It is not often a recruiter impresses me but your obvious concern for your candidates, balanced with the interests of your clients was enlightening and refreshing.

We found a perfect candidate efficiently and with little fuss - you can't ask for more really!

It has been a pleasure working with Stopgap, you’ve gone a long way to restoring my faith in the recruitment industry!