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StopGap Consultant

Jo Bret-Day

Senior Support Consultant

The Serious Bit

Having joined Stopgap in 2005, Jo is now our Senior Recruitment Consultant for the Flying Squad at Stopgap, recruiting marketers into both permanent & freelance positions in all client side sectors. She is our shining star in times of need, covering consultants when they are away or extremely busy in order to ensure that our clients and candidates continue to receive the highest level of service possible.

Jo has worked in recruitment in a number of guises. She has been in headhunting, as well as in-house for Citibank and Goldman Sachs. 

Prior to joining Stopgap, Jo stepped away from the recruitment industry for four years to pursue her passion for floristry, qualifying from an intensive course with floristry designer Paula Pryke and then whisking up hand ties at Liberty & Pot Pourri for the likes of Renée  Zellweger and Ant & Dec!

The Fun Bit

When I was little I wanted to be

...a dentist in the army because I had always wanted to do an assault course, however it turned out green wasn't my colour – but would still like to do that assault course!

My worst ever job was

...a two week modelling job which sounded glam but was actually grim! It involved parading up and down in floral flounceys (it was the 80s!) in a horrible sweaty back room off Oxford Street whilst people tacked, pinned and criticised you.

In my spare time you can find me

...caked in flour, bouncing round the sitting room to work out DVDs whilst waiting for the oven to ping! I also love a bit of theatrics so am a regular theatre goer, as well as being a bit of a Francophile! 

 If I were a brand personified, I would be

...waltzing around Waitrose wearing Vivienne Westwood because both are about quality, class, expressing yourself and like Stopgap, they’re positively different.  

Thanks again, we really do have the great fit for the team that we were looking for!! Also, we may have more marketing positions coming up later in the year. I have recommended you to our Head of Marketing (although, of course, he already knows your brand). You’ll be the first we call when we’re recruiting next time!