FindmyWhy - The Personal Purpose Project

FindmyWhy is a candidate focussed service aimed at better preparing you for your next role. It works from a perspective that is right for you, your life stage and style, aspirations, beliefs and much more. They have spent the last 30 years using their expertise to help global organisations measure people. They have helped them understand as much as they can about potential and current employees throughout the recruitment, development and career change processes.

Click the link which takes you to the FindmyWhy website to receive your special discount on the Dream Job Pack. Once on the website fill in the questionnaire and you will recieve a range of reports to support you through the various stages of landing your dream job. The pack consists of:

·         Guidance on how to find your dream job.

·         Bespoke feedback on personal resilience during job search

·         Personalised support and content in creating a compelling CV – ensuring you can articulate your strengths and preferences accurately.

·         A dynamic report, based on your capabilities, to ensure you're really prepared for interview (and also suggesting some questions for the client)

·         Insight into how you’ll be assessed and recruited.

·         Access to a report that shows how organisations view you as a result of their assessment processes.

FindmyWhy want every individual to confidently believe in the unique value they bring to the world