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Our clients tell us they are looking for the right talent, at the right price, at the right time.

What is Stopgap Partnerships?

Stopgap recognise that the recruitment market is becoming more competitive and that clients are looking to ensure that they get the best people for their roles whilst managing their hiring budgets and maximising efficiency. We know the average cost to hire on a £40,000 salary varies from £4,800 for an in-house or RPO fill to £8,800 for an agency-only solution*.  We want to provide a high-quality and efficient alternative agency solution that can seriously compete with RPO or in-house whilst allowing you to manage your costs across your fiscal year.

*Source:  Quarsh

What we can offer

We want to work closely with our clients to offer the best deals and service possible in order to ensure we help keep your “cost to hire” to a minimum. 

To this end we have introduced a flexible, wide-ranging and tiered GSB (Gold, Silver, Bronze) Partnership scheme. The tiers vary depending on how many marketing roles you recruit for within a year. This allows you to save significantly on fees whilst we deliver you a more bespoke service.

We also split this cost into monthly payments, which helps you manage your budget more efficiently and amortise your costs across a fiscal year.

How you can save money

Please contact us to discuss the full GSB Partnership scheme including the fee schedule. In the meantime, here is a flavour of what we can offer …

On our Bronze level we can fill up to 3 marketing roles over a 12 month period and save you more than £7,500* on average recruitment fees. This equates to an overall saving over the year of more than 38%* and this figure continues to rise depending which tier you sign up for.

The scheme is also highly flexible, no matter how your requirements change throughout the year then we'll be able to change your arrangement to something which suits you and saves you money, whilst offering high quality, added value services to help you manage your marketing recruitment.

Want to know more?

Please speak to your usual recruitment consultant at Stopgap or contact:

Christine Ebeling Long - Customer Partnerships Manager:  Christine will be delighted to talk you through the full cost strcuture and additional services included in the Stopgap GSB Partnership scheme.

GSB Partnership Terms & Conditions apply

*Source:  Stopgap Fee Research March 2018

Christine will be delighted to talk you through the full cost structure and additional services included in the Stopgap GSB Partnership scheme
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