Our Exclusive service is best for clients who expect deeper support throughout the entire recruitment process, from defining the role, scoping the landscape, candidate profiling through to selection, negotiation and on-boarding. Here we work with you on a sole agency basis for a pre-arranged fee.

Some points to consider:

Why and how it works

  • You’ll partner with a highly experienced consultant who will invest time up front to fully appreciate your needs for great results down the line.
  • You can rely on them to give impartial advice on role definition, organisational dynamics and the competitive landscape.
  • You’ll receive in-depth candidate assessment and personality profiling against your unique opportunity, so you can make an informed decision on a tightly selected shortlist.
  • You’ll have a partner to manage the entire project right through to the vital stages of acceptance, resignation and on-boarding.
  • You'll know exactly where you stand with regards to budget.

The watch outs

  • You’ll need to budget to pay a proportion of our fee up-front.
  • You may need to consider building in a little more time, as the process can take longer in the early stages.

Get in touch to discuss whether this is the right route for your particular circumstances. 

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