Stopgap Executive

Looking for leadership?

We’ll pull out all the stops to find remarkable people for you.

If you’re looking for a leader - an interim or permanent Marketing or Digital Director, CMO, Business or Client Director, or you have a project that requires a talented marketing consultant, we offer a bespoke service for senior level appointments and a choice of ways to recruit; it's called Stopgap Executive.

We have a consultant in each of our sector teams who is dedicated to recruiting senior marketing, digital and agency professionals. Each has extensive experience in marketing and recruitment and deep knowledge of their sector: well informed, well connected and well used to working with trust, respect and in the utmost confidence for all concerned.

Since 1993, our incredible sector insight and long-standing relationships across multiple networks have enabled us to work in ways that others can’t. We’ll use traditional headhunting techniques, our expertise in social searching and our vast network to pinpoint the executive that you’re looking for. And when we do, we have the gravitas to negotiate effectively to make sure that everyone gets what they want and deserve.

Find out about each of our Stopgap Executive search services: Contingent, Exclusive, Interim Executives and Project Consultancy and Enhanced Stopgap Executive search services.

Or simply contact us using the link below, in confidence, for an exploratory chat.

Stopgap Executive is a bespoke service for senior level appointments. It offers a choice of ways to recruit.
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