Telephone Interview Advice

Unknown number on your phone? Watch out! It could be your new boss! 

Love them or hate them, telephone interviews are on the up. They're money saving, time-saving, and waste-of-time saving - for both candidates and companies up and down the country. So far so good, but the sting in the tail is that sometimes interviewers think it's a brilliant idea to take you by surprise. 

Don't panic. Our people have helped thousands of people just like you to succeed in telephone interview situations and go on to get the career opportunities they deserve. We've gathered all this expertise together to create a downloadable advice guide to help you prosper with telephone interviews. It covers how to prepare, how to avoid technology issues and how to come across well when you've only got words in your armoury. Use it in conjunction with our other downloadable advice guides and you'll have everything you need to do yourself justice on the phone. 

Let's tackle those telephone interviews together. Read the downloadable guide or have a read through the other advice guides below.

Love them or hate them, telephone interviews are on the up.
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