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Diana Jervis Read

Diana is a London based business/life coach, group trainer and counsellor. Her background includes over 20 years of directing PR and marketing consultancies and she uses this experience to help individuals reach their goals much more quickly, enhancing job satisfaction and motivation. 


Her experience and huge satisfaction is in helping people with any of the following:

  • Clarifying their life purpose, values, motivation and job satisfaction

  • Maximise personal productivity to make more time available and reach their goals faster than they would without a coach

  • Work life balance, stress reduction, assertiveness and dealing with anxiety

  • Increase self awareness, sometimes using DISC psychometric profiling: explaining each individual’s coping techniques in 3 scenarios (in private, at work and under stress) including strengths, weaknesses, fears, drivers, management style, value to organisation, possible growth areas, implications.  This usually clarifies actions and obstacles that need to be mastered and fast tracks progress

  • Relationship building, both creating immediate impact and sustaining long term deeper relationships, again using profiling knowledge

  • Sustainable change management

  • Individual or group training in:

    • people management, leadership and teamwork skills

    • conflict prevention and resolution

    • time management

All of which make any candidate all the more confident and impressive!


Diana offers ‘mates rates’ for Stopgap candidates, and won’t charge if no progress is achieved.

     Tel: 020  8133 9547

     Email: jrperformancecoaching@mail.com     

     Company name: JR Performance Coaching

     Website: http://www.jrperformancecoaching.com/