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Poor onboarding experienced by a third of new employees

Posted: 26 Sep 2017

One third of employees have had a poor onboarding experience in the past, one fifth of whom said it was so bad that they changed their mind about a job, a recent survey of 4,000 office workers has revealed. The poll, conducted by cloud software firm webonboarding and cited by Personnel Today, uncovered that over one third of employees were not given basic equipment, such as a computer or laptop, on their first day. At the same time, many workers said that they took over a month to feel settled in their new job.

A total 22% of workers changed their mind about a role after poor onboarding. Yet, for those who did make the start date, one in seven left the company after a few days because of a 'lack of guidance' from their employers.

Over one half (56%) of respondents to the study said that they did not undergo full training and were not given a robust induction plan.

Adam Reynolds, CEO of webonboarding, suggests that companies' lack of attention to onboarding could be negatively impacting productivity. Commenting on the study, he said: "Major themes throughout were neglect, disorganisation and a lack of engagement leading to onboardees regretting their choice or choosing to leave."

Reynolds added that there appears to be a "grey area" between a job offer and that worker becoming an employee that gets neglected. "[Businesses] invest money and effort into seeking talent but forget this essential stage in between," he said.

A notable 71% of employees believe that they would have settled into their job faster had there been a more efficient onboarding process in place, while 69% said a better process would have improved their work performance.

"It's important to remember we wouldn't treat our customers like this so why would we treat new staff with such disregard?" Reynolds asked, before stating that the results may prompt companies to enhance their onboarding processes.

On a global scale, Australia saw the highest percentage of employees who had experienced onboarding issues, at 44%. Just over four in 10 US workers had experienced onboarding problems, followed by 37% in New Zealand and 34% in the UK.

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