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5 benefits of moving your marketing team in-house

Posted: 12 Apr 2017


The thing about marketing is that it doesn’t just happen. It would be great if it did, but instead, it relies on a team of experts to create the right campaign at the right time for the right audience.

For many years, outsourcing this task to a marketing agency with the expertise to create the perfect campaign has been the obvious choice. But times are changing, with businesses starting to bring these marketing tasks in-house.

According to research conducted by Digiday, 68% of brands report either a significant or ‘somewhat significant’ investment towards in-house production. More and more of the UK’s top creative talent are expanding their job searches to include in-house roles and are increasingly stepping away from agencies in search of new challenges.

For many in the industry, this shift has been a long time coming. Brands such as Clarks, Samsung and Unilever – all well-known for the quality of their marketing output –  have recognised the value of in-house marketing teams. But it’s not just big brands that are making this move; companies of all shapes and sizes are understanding the significant benefits it can bring.

Here are some of the reasons why you too, might want to consider the transition from an agency to an in-house marketing team:

Cultural fit

Conveying the intricacies of your brand’s vision and goals is no mean feat. While an external agency may struggle to appreciate some of the finer details, an in-house team will have no trouble understanding the connection between brand and campaign. Full-time team members are able to fully immerse themselves into a company’s culture and values. They can do this from day one and are exposed to these ideas around the clock. As a result, they can stay on-brand with ease.

Faster processes

If you’re looking for people who totally understand a company, its products or services and its customers, you won’t find someone better prepared than the company’s employees. In-house staff are tuned in to the business and can therefore respond faster to internal or external changes. Internal access to decision makers can also accelerate approval processes and sign-offs. External marketing agencies can only work with the information they are given, but an in-house team already knows the parts of the business on which to focus their efforts.

Greater control

Recruiting full-time marketing employees can give your company greater control over the creative process. This increased speed means your business can get things to market more quickly. The in-house team stays in direct control over messaging and retains ownership of projects. As a result, those messages stay 100% on brand. Technology also plays a part. Drag and drop software and cost-effective website building tools allow companies to reclaim control of the production side of marketing, too.

Cutting costs

The main catalyst for the in-house marketing trend was the economic recession. Companies were looking for simple ways to save money and third party agencies were one of the first casualties. This thriftiness is still one of the key reasons to this day. Creating in-house marketing teams means lower costs, less reliance on pricey external resources and a faster, more streamlined process.

Why stop at marketing?

It’s not just marketing teams that are moving in-house, some organisations have started moving their talent sourcing in-house, too. Many of the reasons are the same: companies are able to enjoy quality recruitment at a fraction of the cost; retain greater control over the recruitment process; make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the company’s values; and follow a faster, more strategic approach to recruitment.

Stopgap's new in-house talent support service can help you build the best in-house marketing team. Whether you require the occasional piece of advice or would like an extra pair of hands in the office, we can create a bespoke service for your company. From advertising roles through to offering a candidate the job, we can give your team as much – or as little – support as you need to succeed.

If you would like to find out more about how our in-house talent support service can help you in the pursuit of top talent, call Julia Geens on 0208 334 1467 or email julia.geens@stopgap.co.uk.


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