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One in four marketers looking for a new role in the next 12 months

Posted: 24 Aug 2017

More than a quarter (26%) of marketers in the tech industry are thinking of jumping ship within the next year. This comes as a surprise, as the same report found that 65% of them were happy in their current roles. So, what gives?

The assertion comes from Spicework's Tech Marketer Career Outlook report, which investigated job experiences and attitudes in marketing and across various demographics. Here are the three key takeaways we spotted in Digital Marketing Magazine...

Millennials found to be most unhappy

The report found that while 65% of B2B marketers stated they were happy in their current job and a further 35% reported they were 'very' to 'extremely' happy, millennial marketers weren't feeling the love. Only 29% of millennials said they were very happy, whereas this figure stood at 40% for Gen X and baby-boomer marketers.

Loyal baby boomers

While 26% of marketers plan on switching roles in the next 12 months, when the figure is deconstructed into demographics, researchers found that baby boomers were less likely to leave their job than their successors. In fact, 20% of baby boomers plan to find a new job in the next 12 months, as do 25% of Gen X and 29% of millennial marketers.

However, Sanjay Castelino, vice president of marketing and revenue operations at Spiceworks, explains that the data isn't necessarily cause for alarm. "Most tech marketers are happy in their jobs, but they're also optimistic about the current job market and the opportunity to advance their skillset in a new position," he said.

Indeed, millennials may be more likely to job hop, but it's because they are generally optimistic and proactive about improving their prospects. Not to mention, 57% of millennials think that the job market is currently favourable for B2B marketers, whereas just 47% of Gen X and 46% of baby-boomer marketers felt the same.

So, what makes them want to leave?

The motivations behind job hunting are simple; 66% want to leave so they can improve their marketing skills, while 58% are doing so for a better salary. Improved salaries, perks and job titles are among the chief concerns for millennials, while Gen X marketers were more preoccupied with securing a bigger marketing budget. Baby boomers, meanwhile, were after better benefits.

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