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80% of workers have experienced a career slump ā€“ have you?

Posted: 13 Jun 2017

Have you experienced a career slump?

Most of us have experienced a career slump at some point in our lives. However, while the feeling is unfortunately common, it often results in unwanted consequences for workers and employers alike.

As goal-oriented beings, humans have an innate need for progression. We crave challenges, desire purpose and need to feel as though we are improving. This need for progression is what built the pyramids and took us to the moon, and is what continues to drive innovation in every sector. Yet, when it is lacking in our careers, it is also what makes us jump ship.

This is according to new research conducted by training platform Course Library. In a survey that spanned 1,200 participants aged 18 to 64, respondents were quizzed on how satisfied they were with their job. The results are enough to send a shiver up management's spine.

The results found that not only are career slumps commonplace, but they also have a detrimental impact on worker morale – and as a consequence, retention and productivity rates. Of the 80.6% of respondents who stated that they had experienced one, 32.5% cited a lack of career progression as the main cause. Meanwhile, poor training and development was noted by 17.3%, boredom by 30% and repetitive tasks by 11.6%.

Perhaps what is most alarming is the response to such a slump; 41% of workers said that they had resigned over it and a further 42% stated that the only way to cure negative emotions such as boredom or a lack of motivation was to find a new job.

Conversely, 28.2% of career slump-sufferers said that they responded with positive action through enhancing their skill-set and completing online courses – thus further signifying that an inadequacy in training opportunities exasperates the issue. Furthermore, workers did not stay quiet about it; 23% spoke to their managers, while 20% asked for a mentor in the workplace.

Whatever the cause, the message is clear: care for your staff and their future or they will seek out other opportunities. Alternatively, if you're an employee who feels as though they have entered a career cul-de-sac, sign up for our job alerts today!


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