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Three ways your content may be putting off your customers

Posted: 23 Feb 2017

Three ways your content may be putting off your customers

Content has long been the sweetheart of the marketing world due to its ability to connect with our audiences in new and exciting ways. However, some of our favourite tactics may be doing more harm than good. But what are the traps that we should avoid? Here are three courtesy of Neil Patel at the Content Marketing Institute.

Me, me, me

The purpose of content is to inform, entertain or to at least offer that little something extra to reward your audience. It is a platform where you can share, interact and engage with your customers. As such, it should have a purpose and it should also be audience-centric.

It may be tempting for a brand to write about content that fascinates them, but if it doesn't engage or interest your audience, you may find it falling on deaf ears. So to put it simply, give the audience what they want.

Forget the hard sell

Of course, content is created with the purpose of selling in mind, but people are growing increasingly suspicious of advertisements. As Patel notes, if we focus too hard on selling and not on informing, we can alienate our audience.

Content marketing is about building a long-term relationship between organisation and brand, while fostering loyalty and transparency along the way. Remember that your audience is intelligent, so respect them enough to avoid the hard sell. Or else you may sound more like a used car salesman than you'd like.

SEO isn't everything

Unless your audience are code reading robots, it's best to avoid stuffing too many keywords and unnecessary links into your work. Patel explains that "Attempting to incorporate excessive SEO tactics into your content can diminish its quality and appear as unnatural to your audience."

SEO and copy go hand in hand in effective strategy, but if you let SEO take priority you run the risk of jeopardising your writing and more importantly, your brand.

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