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Three digital marketing stats to keep in mind this month

Posted: 13 Jul 2017

Three digital marketing stats to keep in mind this month

Ferris Bueller famously said: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." And the same can be said for the world of marketing. It bodes well to stay ahead of the game, so here are three stats courtesy of Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Compendium to keep in mind for the month ahead.


Mobile shopping ads present growth opportunity for retailers

Foundit reported that mobile clicks on Google Shopping ads made up the biggest single source of visitors for online retailers. Some 25% of all sessions across direct, paid and shopping search traffic were linked to mobile clicks, although significantly just 27% of mobile users looked past the first page.


Shoppers' dual-screening habits present big opportunities for retailers


Research from eBay suggests that consumers like to spend during sporting events; for instance, on the final day of the Tour de France last year, searches for 'cycling shorts' and 'road bike' spiked by 46% and 71%, respectively.

Likewise, during the final two weeks of the Rio Olympic Games, searches for 'running shoes' rose by 66%, while running watches spiked by 113%. This spells sizeable opportunities for marketers to make the most of customer dual screen behaviour.


Online consumers crave online security


Online security is an increasing concern for both customers and businesses. My Pin Pad found that 67% of customers cited transaction security as more important than speed, and one in four stated that they were "very concerned" about cyber security.

Given that a report by Beaming found that cyber-attacks on UK businesses had risen by 52% in Q2 (equating to nearly 65,000 attacks in three months), even if marketers feel it is not directly in their jurisdiction, it is their responsibility to work cyber safe practices into their strategies.

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