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Marketers rejoice: 61% of UK adults are regular podcast listeners

Posted: 5 Oct 2017

Podcasts were the talk of the town this summer. From the mysterious tales told by Serial and the idea-inducing factoids shared by QI's No Such Thing as Fish, to informative and authoritative marketing podcasts like Copyblogger.FM and 5 Minute Marketing, it seems like everyone we know is suggesting a podcast series.

According to music streaming giant Spotify, the UK is fast becoming a leader in podcast consumption. According to its research, 61% of UK adults are now regular podcast listeners, with 21% tuning in at least once a week.

Yet, while most of us have long been aware of the medium – podcasts have been around for about five years now – it's only just taking off. Spotify's research found that 68% of listeners are more likely to listen to a podcast today than they were three years ago.

So, what's caused this sudden popularity? Spotify reports that for 50% of listeners, the main reason for tapping 'play' is entertainment. Meanwhile, 11% use podcasts as means of distracting themselves from work or exercise.

Interestingly, like many of us in the industry who have long utilised the medium to discuss the latest in marketing, it appears that the wider consumer-base choose their podcasts for a similar reason. Some 38% of respondents listen to podcasts to gain knowledge on a subject area, discover new things and to improve their skills.

This is good news for marketers on a number of levels, the most immediate being the sizable gains to be made through advertising on popular podcasts. But more than this, they also provide a way for brands to present themselves as industry thought leaders within their sector.

Given the wide variety of podcasts, their ease of accessibility and ever-increasing army of devoted listeners, their popularity shows no sign of waning. Marketers with expertise in producing interesting podcasts will make particularly desirable candidates, while those who know what podcasts to partner with and when will be an integral part of any marketing team. If you have the skills, why not sign up to our job alerts today to see what opportunities lie on your marketing horizon?

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