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How to perfect video on Pinterest

Posted: 16 Mar 2017

How to perfect video on Pinterest

Pinterest may be best known for its wedding scrapbooks and mood boards, but while the likes of Snapchat and Facebook have been plugging away in the spotlight, Pinterest too has been quietly carving out its place in the world of video content.

This week, the creative platform published a report that examined 29 promoted video campaigns to see what type of video content was the most popular. Now, live-streaming video is the medium of the moment, so it is no surprise that Pinterest has joined in the trend. But given that the site is composed mainly of DIY projects and arts and crafts, video's popularity on the platform is much higher than anyone anticipated.

According to Pinterest, some 75% of 'pinners' stated that they would likely watch a video that interests them on the site. For other platforms, this engagement rate stands at just 55%. In terms of marketing, this opens up the opportunity for sizeable and meaningful outreach. Significantly, the two most powerful video formats are ones that resonate with the platform's overall content and purpose, namely: storytelling and how-tos.


Humans have been telling stories for as long we have been able to speak. Nor should any marketer be surprised to see this here, as storytelling is and always has been the most poignant and effective method for advertising. Pinterest found that: "Assets like brand vignettes and repurposed TV commercials work well to tell an immersive, emotional story."


The crux of the platform's purpose is fashion, food and artistic content. Moreover, it serves to educate and inspire rather than entertain. It follows, then, that the site's users would be more than happy to see the tutorials they would read anyway in a more palatable medium.

As Pinterest notes: "Storytelling videos bring brands or products to life, while how-to videos provide guidance and instruction," which are attributes that really resonate with Pinterest's average user. Pinterest suggests that brands focus on quality over quantity, consider all stages of the decision journey and aim to inspire action rather than just racking up views.


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