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Fastest-growing skills for marketing freelancers revealed

Posted: 6 Jun 2017

Fastest-growing skills for marketing freelancers revealed

Marketing is a sector that seems to be in continuous flux and as such, the skills needed to thrive within it are always changing. Industry leaders will know that it can sometimes be a struggle to source the necessary skills in-house and as a consequence, are increasingly looking to the proactive freelancer to fill the roles.

Upwork is a company that often utilises freelancers as a way of "tapping into specialised skills," so they've compiled a list of 20 of the most sought-after attributes, some of which we'd like to share with you now...

Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing saw a significant upsurge in demand, which is understandable given the recent success of Instagram Stories. What was once considered to be a copycat of Snapchat seems to have replaced the platform altogether, and thanks to its cost-effective and creative nature, providing ample opportunities for marketers to tell exciting and vibrant stories. Overall, this coincides with the on-going growth in social media management skills we have seen across the board.

Latest in tech

Unsurprisingly, being up to date with tech scored highly in the list. However, the report also outlined the specific programs, apps and technologies that marketers are on the lookout for. In first place for the fastest growing skill comes Asana, a work tracking and project managing program, making it the preferred project management tool for marketing teams in Q1.

Management skills

Interestingly, the beginning of the year saw companies draw on marketers' knowledge when they came to build their annual strategic plans. Moreover, we are also seeing companies use marketers' communication knowhow to boost brand awareness. Other skills such as brand strategy and relationship management were also growing in demand.

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