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Can putting the word 'digital' in your CV improve your chances of getting hired?

Posted: 11 May 2017


These are technology-driven days that we are living in and so it follows that as our digital dependency grows, tech-based skills will become ever more invaluable. Yet digital skills are not just helpful for navigating and completing work, they can actually improve your chances of getting hired, too. According to new research by MarketWatch just dropping the word 'digital' throughout your CV can significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

The findings echo that of Burning Glass Technologies, an employment analytical software firm. Their research indicated that this desire for digital skills crops up across almost every industry, with even liberal arts students being found to be twice as likely to be hired if they banked on their digital knowledge.

Burning Glass Technologies also defined eight key digital skills that increased hiring likelihood: computer programming, data analysis and management, IT networking and support, graphic design, social media, business administration and sales and marketing.

HR Dive calls for stronger collaboration between employers and educators, as through a dialogue between the two, future candidates can be trained in skills currently lacking in certain industries. According to the publication, this would create a "sustainable pipeline of candidates who have concrete, well-developed digital skills."

However, like any sought-after skill or phrase that finds its way onto many CVs – we're looking at you "works well alone or in a team" – hiring managers will be sure to check up on the candidate's claims and test them if need be.

As recruiters, we're more than aware of how much of a challenge getting your CV noticed can be. Hidden under a pile of talented rivals, often it can be a couple of words that makes or breaks a candidate. Maybe it's time to polish up that resume, capitalise on your digital skills and find your next job role. Sign up to our job alerts today to see what exciting marketing opportunities are waiting for you.


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