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Ad fatigue and how to beat it

Posted: 6 Apr 2017


From billboards to benches, in the streets and on our screens, quite often it feels like advertisements are calling to us from every available surface. We see hundreds a day – and that's just the ones we pay attention to – so suffice to say there is a lot of noise both the consumer and marketer need to cut through.

As a consequence of the high volume of ads and the frequency with which we see the same ones, we quite often begin to experience what's known as 'ad fatigue'. An article by The Drum explains that ad fatigue is when consumers have quite simply grown tired of seeing the same advertising. The main symptom is that consumers become more conscious of what's in their wallet – which is bad news for business.

Additionally, businesses and marketers can make the mistake of saturating their selected demographic with too many adverts. We've all experienced it – if you see an ad one too many times, your perception of the brand itself starts to shift (and not in a good way). Given that some 300 million advertisers use social media and studies have found that ad fatigue begins to develop after just three days, the window of selling is a short one.

Keep it fresh

Luckily, there are ways to make yourself heard. A fun, quirky or original ad can amuse or inspire and by pairing it with excellent and engaging copy, ad creatives have a stronger chance of getting the message across.

Rescue an old campaign

You don't always need to create a whole new campaign; simply swap images or colours around, test headline variations, edit your copy or make a new call to action.

Don't underestimate analytics

No matter how big your budget or company is, no campaign is perfect and analytics give you an unparalleled insight into what works and what doesn't.

As marketers, we can sometimes forget to step back from selling and consider how we as a consumer would respond.

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