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The year of the job seeker

Posted: 4 Apr 2017

The year of the job seeker


Hiring has been on the rise over the past seven years and it’s showing no sign of slowing. In fact, 69% of recruiters reported their hiring efforts increased in 2016 according to research and the word on the industry grapevine is that 2017 is set to be the year of the job seeker. What does that mean for candidates looking to further their careers this year? That if you put time, effort and creativity into your job hunt, you could well find yourself in the driving seat when it comes to employment. Play your cards right, and you could find that the marketing world is your oyster.

The reasoning behind this is that despite hiring being on the up, 65% of recruiters cite the lack of skilled marketing candidates as the key obstacle in the race for finding and landing quality talent. The good news is that those who possess the desired skills can take their pick of employer. Well, if they have the right recruiter who can guide their job-hunting journey effectively, of course. So, how do you showcase yourself as one of the top talented individuals employers are looking for? Let us help you out…

How to find the right role for you

Finding the right role for you requires a two-pronged approach: the first is figuring out how you will ensure you are marketed in just the right way to reach the choicest employers; the second is assessing your potential future employer against certain criteria to check that you would be happy there.

Here are few considerations to turn over in your mind as you go about your job hunt:

Getting noticed


Time is a precious commodity, but to ensure you cast your net in just the right direction when looking for your dream job, you’ll have to give quite a bit of it up. That’s why the smartest job-seekers use a specialist recruiter like Stopgap to make their time work as efficiently as possible. With direct access to hundreds of jobs and employers, one search of the Stopgap website saves hunting around on job boards for hours.

Your personal brand

To attract the attention of employers in this digital age, you need to make sure your personal brand is on point. Review your social media channels through an employer’s eyes – are you presenting the right impression? Is there any way of demonstrating the skills and experience that they are looking for through your branding? Look for ways you can stand out from the crowd – list experience as well as skills and show how your work has positively impacted the bottom line.

Research the most in-demand marketing skills

Present yourself as having the whole package by ensuring you are well versed in the most desirable skills in marketing. If you notice any gaps that need filling, consider up-skilling or giving yourself a refresher to keep you ahead of the competition. For example, analytical data skills are highly prized right now as they help to prove ROI.

What does the ideal role look like?


Add a difficult commute into the mix and it can dull the shine of that dream role. Try to be realistic about the daily routine of getting to and from work and how it might impact your life. You might even prefer a company that offers the chance to work remotely if it would save substantial time and money.


You might initially think bigger is always better, and for some this can be the case. But weighed up against the costs of commuting or a lower paid role with better benefits, you might find the role with the lower salary isn’t all bad news after all.


Flexible working is a deal-breaker for many job-seekers in the current market with 94% of candidates citing working from home on a regular basis as the most appealing type of arrangement. Work out what’s the most important to you – be it childcare vouchers, pensions, a gym membership or anything else that would enhance your lifestyle – and check that your potential employer can deliver.


The ability to grow and evolve is the spice of life in the working world. Does the role you’re considering offer opportunities to progress, learn and develop professionally? Does the employer seem supportive and keen to nurture talent? A job may pay the bills but a career will offer long-term fulfillment.

A candidate-led market is known as such because candidates aren’t moving roles. So, don’t just accept the first offer that comes your way, instead, think about what you want and create a plan of action. Don’t compromise on job satisfaction – if you have the skills, experience and a strong recruiter to lead the way, the power is in your hands.


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