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The marketing skills you need to master

Posted: 19 Apr 2017

The marketing skills you need to master


The world of marketing is exciting, fast paced and dynamic – which means the skills you need to master are evolving all the time. Whether you work in marketing, PR, events or business development, there are some new skills that employers will be expecting to see in their candidates over the next 12 months. Here, we take a look at some of those key skills, as well as some core marketing competencies that will never go out of fashion.

Data analysis

ROI is king when it comes to marketing spend with employers wanting to know exactly how much bang they’re getting for their bucks! Today’s marketers will be expected to make decisions based on data and then tweak strategies to ensure they are getting the best value for money across every single marketing channel. Brush up on Google Analytics as well as the tools within social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and be able to prove that your marketing campaigns are worth their salt.

Marketing automation tools

The age of automation is nigh and employers will be leaning more on automated emails, social campaigns and content marketing in order to maximise efficiency. Candidates who can demonstrate experience of navigating advanced marketing solutions will be highly favoured – find out how to set up workflows so you can distribute personalised content tailored to your target audience at every step of the customer journey.

SEO skills

With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it’s essential to brush up on those changing algorithms to maximise the chances of a higher position in the search rankings. Candidates with strong SEO skills demonstrate that they can expand the reach of a brand’s products and services by understanding exactly what the customer is searching for, and how they’re doing it.

Email marketing

It may not be new, but email is still one of the most popular and effective ways to market products and services. Prove you can attract and retain subscribers as well as talk knowledgeably about open rates, A/B testing and lead nurturing to wow employers.

Social media marketing

Social media has transformed the marketing industry and demonstrating the skills to manage and measure the success of social campaigns is vital to success in the current climate. Candidates with experience of building and growing online communities across a variety of platforms will always catch an employer’s eye.


The cornerstone of content marketing, crafting articulate and engaging copy that fits in well with the tone of a brand is a lot easier said than done. The most effective copywriters steer clear of waffle, provide value to the reader and humanise the company with a conversational tone.

Video content marketing

This year, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic, according to Cisco. Whether you work in events, PR or business development – in an agency or in-house – video will be a key tool in your marketing armory this year so make sure you know the basics of storyboarding, format options and seeding techniques.

Strategy and planning

A 2016 survey by Spencer Stuart found that 48% of CMOs believed strategic thinking was the key to success. However, 51% also said that it was a difficult skill to find. Give specific examples of where you’ve had to think and plan strategically and you’ll be onto a winner in your next interview.

Customer service

Demonstrating an ability to manage customer relationships is vital in this day and age due to the power the consumer now wields. The customer service of the 21st century might involve cutting down response time over social media and showing an ability to prioritise customer interactions based on urgency – make sure you never forget the humans behind the digital facade.


Aside from the technical skills we’ve listed above, creativity is a must in order to help a brand stand out from the crowd, particularly in our multi-channel world. Marketing is based around engaging an audience and a creative approach will always pay dividends. Today’s brands want to show consumers how their products and services can have a positive impact on their lives – do this in a creative, unique way and your marketing will shine out above the rest.

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