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The benefits of teambuilding

Posted: 9 Jun 2016

Do company away days and teambuilding breaks work? We certainly think so! We’ve been going on away days since Stopgap started in 1993 and we are off to the green green grass of Wales today on our annual company expedition.

So whether it’s to reward staff or improve cohesion, here are some of the benefits we believe come hand-in-hand with the increasingly popular away day:

Boosts morale

Employee engagement, health and satisfaction are not only important for the individual but for the company too. A happy workforce = a happy company which in turn increases employee retention.

Improves leadership and collaboration

Away days and team building activities allow staff to compete effectively and they allow staff at all levels to work as team players. They allow employees to use all those skills that are important – agility, collaboration and passion – all outside of the four walls of the office. 

Stress busts

Taking teams out of the office environment helps break down barriers – both professionally and personally. It helps colleagues relax with one another outside of the office environment which means they work better together inside of the office.

So, if you need us while we’re away, you can contact the main switchboard on 020 8332 7656. Otherwise, we’ll be back in the office refreshed and raring to go on Monday 13th June.


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