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One in five workers unhappy with their job

Posted: 7 Nov 2017

As many as one in five adults are unhappy with their current job, a recent study conducted by UK Power has found. The energy comparison site quizzed British workers over what areas of their lives they were most displeased with, finding that career woes were the bugbears of 22% of men and 16% of women.

The high yield of potential job-hoppers is good news for companies looking to recruit in the New Year. However, given that 25% of workers don't like their jobs and a further one in five are dissatisfied with their careers, it's not inconceivable to think that some of these unhappy employees exist in your workplace.

Poor opportunities, a lack of support

The primary reasons cited by the disheartened employees included discontentment with their day-to-day role (52%), poor salary (44%) and bad bosses (13%). Interestingly, for 20%, it was the level of seniority and not the career itself that was wearing them down. Ambitious employees who want to progress should be rewarded, and if managers don't offer them opportunities for growth, they may find their best talent looking elsewhere.

Of the disgruntled employees, half (50%) said switching careers would improve the quality of their life, while 33% thought it would help with their finances. However, disturbingly, one in four adults said that changing jobs would actually improve their mental health (26%).

What can employers do?

According to the UK Power report, the main reasons people stay in roles were insufficient finances to support a career change (39%); having no better options (31%); and fear that they will regret their decision (26%). While these motivations are understandable, we believe that you shouldn't allow fear to dictate your decisions (and if you're ready for your next great opportunity, click here).

For employers waiting to fill vacancies, there are proactive steps you can take. For instance, you could ask Stopgap about introducing measures like flexible working and wellness programmes, or pick our brains about how you can foster an open and inclusive culture, wherein staff can discuss their mental health issues without worrying about consequences.

As for the money worries, Stopgap also has you covered – we can give you expert insight into the marketing salaries in your industry so you can pitch your vacancies with the right level of compensation. Why not get in touch today?

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