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Three ways to humanise your brand

Posted: 23 Mar 2017

Three ways to humanise your brand


Social media has forever changed the marketing landscape. We all know the rewards we can reap, but creating engaging and effective content and converting it into traffic and profit can prove more challenging. In fact, in a study by Ascend2 some 69% of digital marketers said that their most difficult task to perform was creating compelling content. Here are three simple concepts from the Content Marketing Institute to incorporate into your calendar:

Celebrate holidays

This may seem straightforward, but building your calendar around holidays is a great way to build relevant content. Think about your audience, ask which holidays may resonate with them and what content they would best respond to – do they like humour, or are they more conservative? Be sure to structure content around the holiday, not your product or service, or your campaign may have a less than desired effect.

Equally, it doesn't have to be main holidays like Christmas or Easter. Consider championing women in your industry on International Women's Day or you can be silly; for instance tomorrow is Puppy Day, 26th April is Pretzel Day, while Batman Day is 17th September and of course, May 4th is Star Wars Day.

Embrace trends

Things move pretty fast on the internet. While some viral trends seem to spring out of nowhere, others can be easily predicted and planned for, such as the Oscars. Get involved with hashtags and commentary or make humorous content. What's important is that your brand is watching it all unfold alongside your audience.

Create an event

Events are a great way to get people off of their phones and there in person. Consider what events your audience would enjoy or perhaps offer a one-day-only discount or promotion. For instance Red Mango combined both this point and the first one after the yoghurt company celebrated World Yoghurt Day by giving away $5 refills.

Other ideas include building events around your brand's milestones (these could be anniversaries or hitting a certain number of followers), as well as conferences, podcasts or charity campaigns.

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