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Stopgap's Wellness Week - Hints & Tips

27 Mar 2019

Listening to our bodies and taking time to relax is such an important part of our wellbeing. However, how do we relax? And what technology or tools are there out there that we can use to help us?
Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives; which also means they have become a huge part of our wellbeing. Here at Stopgap, we understand how difficult it can be to take time away from your emails, social media and texting to take some time to relax! We spoke to our team, asking for various recommendations of apps and podcasts they find useful when they want to use their devices positively and take some time out to boost their health and well-being.


Podcasts are simple and easy to listen to; you can listen to them in the car, on the train or in the peace and quiet of your home. Our brain loves stories and podcasts are essentially short stories – which is why we find them so relaxing and find them easy to relax to.

Our health and wellness podcast recommendations:

    -    Seek The Joy Podcast is for those looking for a relaxed conversation about self-love, jobs, connections, wellness and spirituality.
    -    The Health Code is a fun and informative podcast talking about everything from meditation and productivity to how to get abs!
    -    Group is a light-hearted podcast discussing mental health and mental illness.

There’s a huge array of apps out there which we can download on our devices which help us to boost our well-being or help us to understand how to pay more attention to our mental health.

Our health and wellness app recommendations:

  • MyfitnessPal – A quick an easy way to track calories and keep track of exercise.
  • Rest & be – Is a guided Meditation app, created by a Yoga teacher. It can offer you relief & support, whether you are simply exhausted by the pace of life, or interested in exploring the deeper questions you have about life.
  • Relax melodies – If you struggle with getting to sleep, this app could help you. You can choose from a variety of soothing sounds such as gentle rainfall or waves  and set it to a time you want to be asleep by and it will help you drift asleep peacefully.
  • Sleep cycle  - Sleep is such an important part of our wellbeing, so if you keep feeling tired even though you’re getting plenty of sleep – this could be a sign it's your alarm clock, not the quality of your sleep. Sleep cycle identifies when you are at your lightest sleep around the point you want to wake you up and will wake you up with a soothing, gentle alarm. Meaning you are more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

To find out more our Wellbeing Week and why workplace wellbeing is so important to us here at Stopgap, take a look at our video...

Here at Stopgap, we understand how difficult it can be to take time away from your emails, social media and texting to take some time to relax!
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