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Supporting our Stopgappers - Financial Planning

29 Nov 2019

Yesterday we had a first for us at Stopgap; financial education talks.

I know it may sound dull and it may feel like something that is out of an employer’s remit, maybe you wish that someone had sat you down at the start of your career and spoken to you about planning for your future and retirement? Maybe you did, maybe you wouldn’t have listened but the fact that money worries affect three quarters of the UKs workforce, around 25 million people, then it’s definitely something we should be talking about! 

Therefore, to look after our financial wellbeing as well as our mental wellbeing we engaged with the team at Aon to come in and talk to the team. We split the company into those in their early career and then those who are mid-career. I sat in on both talks to make sure that I can be more informed for all our staff and can safely say that I got something out of both. Whether it was something as simple as checking your tax code is correct or as complicated as what you do with your pension when you retire the information was delivered in a clear and concise way.

What did we learn? Well, whatever our age most of us could be doing more to look after our future selves. For most of us it’s one of those things that sits at the back of the mind, because it’s not always easy to understand and it can be scary to look finances in the face, we shy away from the truth. I can already see the difference just an hour spent discussing finances has made, people are engaged, they’re involved and have taken an interest in what is happening to their money and what they can do about it. Making something like pensions and financial planning seem accessible and understandable has already had a positive impact on our team so if you’re thinking about doing it for your team I can wholeheartedly say do, you won’t regret it!

Claudine Farrell - Talent Manager at Stopgap

Money worries affect three-quarters of the UKs workforce, around 25 million people.
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