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Trend: Marketing Project Management and Planning Jobs

21 Oct 2019

Our lead consultant in consumer brands, Christine Ebeling Long has noticed a recent trend within marketing roles, with a new job title appearing in briefs from several clients... 

We are now regularly asked to recruit for Marketing Project Manager or Marketing Planning Manager jobs.  They are getting so common we were briefed on 4 of these roles in just one day last week with the types of sectors varying from a large retailer to a leading mobile manufacturer.

So what is Marketing Project Management?

Marketing project management is the complete overarching administration and development of a marketing campaign or, more usually, multiple marketing campaigns. Strong project management helps to increase productivity by providing guidelines to team members that help them complete campaign tasks on time and on budget as efficiently as possible.

Marketing Project Management Skills

Project Oversight & Vision

There are different phases successful marketing campaigns follow. The first step is to inform the marketing team of the project specifications and set a vision for the project. Tasks are assigned, timelines clearly laid out, and work is monitored.  

A great project manager will be the driving force that leads the day to day running of multiple marketing projects, embedding consistent ways of working and creating regular rhythms to manage and monitor projects, track budgets and identify potential risks in delivery.

Stakeholder Management & Leadership

From an operational perspective, marketing project managers must exhibit stakeholder and leadership skills, enforcing project timelines and ensuring that everyone on their team is travelling in the same direction, and aiming for the same goal.

Open communication during this process is essential and the best project managers are able to manage key stakeholders at every level within an organisation balancing between the operational and the strategic needs of the project

Problem Solving

Being a skilled problem solver is also key.  Many projects come up against roadblocks and hurdles.  Identifying what these might be in advance is a real strength, but even the most skilled project managers can’t account for every potential problem. 

When they do arise it takes a creative thinker to work out how to solve the problem and use their leadership skills potentially introducing new tools, enforcing project timelines, creating effective partnerships, embedding agile thinking, and keeping everyone motivated and focused on the end goal.

Ability to work in a high-pressure environment

A strong project manager will need to be able to make quick and effective decisions, get them signed off and then communicated to the team in the most efficient way possible.  Focus can change, the marketing environment can evolve and project deadlines can be missed – how you deal with this type of pressure and influence resolution is important.

Marketing Skills

Unlike general PMO roles, marketing project management roles do really need a good understanding of marketing.  Understanding the nuances of how a marketing campaign works, the personalities involved in its development and the types of problems which are usually incurred can make project management a lot easier enabling a true understanding of marketing deliverables.

General Qualifications

Outside the above, it can be advantageous to have experience using ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and Prince 1 or Agile working.

Whilst most marketers have managed projects these types of roles are not necessarily suitable for all marketers. 

Many miss the creative cut and thrust of the strategic thinking behind the campaign and the hands-on campaign development, nevertheless if you enjoy embedding ways of working into everyday behaviour and helping to create effective partnerships across marketing teams this could be a great opportunity for your next career move.

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Marketing project management is the complete overarching administration and development of multiple marketing campaigns.
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