Get to know our Senior Consultant Lara (Market Research Specialist)

18 Sep 2019

Working for over 11 years in Market Research, both in house for the likes of British Airways and also agency with Ipsos MORI Lara is our specialist market research and data analyst recruiter here at Stopgap. Find out a bit more about her...

How long have you been working at Stopgap?

I have been at Stopgap on and off since 2003. Yikes! During this time I have taken maternity leave twice and two years+ out of Stopgap whilst living in Canada.  When we returned to the UK we moved away from London and I now spend most of my time working remotely up in the North-West.  

And what was your career path to becoming a recruiter - do you have a background in marketing? 

I have a background in market research - I spent 12+ years in research, half the time agencyside the other clientside (working at the likes of Ipsos MORI, British Airways and Legal & General).  I had previously been both a candidate and client of Stopgap and was approached by an ex-colleague to consider a role in research recruitment.  At that moment in time, I was a little disillusioned with corporate life and this role appealed as it combined my experience in research and understanding people with an ability to get things done.

What areas or sector do you work on at Stopgap?   

I have always specialised in market research/consumer insight roles. I handle a combination of agency and clientside roles, contract and permanent.

What do you enjoy about working as a consultant?  

In summary, the pace and the people.  I love the fact that quite often your plans for the day ahead can change completely with the advent of an urgent requirement, the fact that at any one moment in time I'm helping both a large corporate and a small agency.  And people wise that includes candidates, clients and colleagues.  All are wonderful people to deal with. Honestly.

And what is special or interesting about working at Stopgap specifically?

I'm sure all my colleagues will say similar - definitely the culture and people.  That is what has kept me here so long.  It's a supportive and fun environment yet at the same time we are all striving to do the best we can in our individual roles. 

What's your fondest or funniest memory of Stopgap?

Oh dear me, there are too many to mention.  What I will say is that this company goes all out when it comes to parties - in a really big way.  More often than not that involves dressing up - cue lots of hilarity over the years.

Do you have 3 things you've learned about recruitment during your time as a consultant? 

It can often be all about the timing (as with so many other things in life!), it requires real persistence and you need to think positively.

If you could sum Stopgap up in 3 words what would they be? 

Fun, caring and always does the right thing.

If you are looking for a market research role or need to recruit in that area, get in touch with Lara below. 

It's a supportive and fun environment yet at the same time, we are all striving to do the best we can in our individual roles. 
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