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You've got to smile on Pancake Day

4 Mar 2019

Who doesn't love Pancake Day? It's got to be the best flippin' day of the year, right?

Whether you go for the classic lemon and sugar or a naughty Nutella and banana, a pile of pancakes will put a smile on anyone's face. But what about a pancake with its own smiley grin, surprised expression, or laughing face?

The team at Aldi thought that sounded a great idea and have launched a limited-edition frying pan that features seven different emoji moulds.

No longer confined to messages, emojis can adorn our pancakes as well. You simply pour batter into the moulds and wait until your perfectly-shaped, funny-faced, mini pancake is ready. The idea is that kids (and grownups) can then add fruit, syrup or other extras to make the faces even funnier.

And Aldi aren't the only ones thinking outside the batter. 40 years after it first launched the Friday night dinner staple, Birds Eye has brought back its iconic Findus Crispy Pancakes.

The revamped frozen pancakes might not be what we'd associate with pancake day, but they're sure to be a hit with anyone who remembers eating them in the 1970s and 1980s.

Brands love a national day, and tying in a consumer brand with an established day can seem obvious. However, marketers need to make sure they are creating a product or message that's well-aligned and not too forced. Aldi and Birds Eye have done just that, tapping into popular culture and nostalgia, but not compromising brand identity.

At Stopgap we can help your brand align its marketing campaigns so they remain authentic, are visually appealing and strike the right note with consumers. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business grow.


Marketers need to make sure they are creating a product or message that's well-aligned and not too forced
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