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Why you should make podcasts part of your 2019 marketing strategy

9 Jul 2019

For a long time, when considering your choice of marketing platforms, podcasts tended not to be the first that came to mind. However, where once they were overlooked in favour of blogs or social media, podcasts are now steadily rising in popularity.

7.6 million people in the UK listen to podcasts each week – that’s an increase of around 25% year-on-year.

But it’s not just listeners who are falling in love with podcasts, advertisers are seeing their value, too. In fact, according to a new report by DAX, Global’s digital audio exchange, 75% of advertisers plan to increase spend across podcasts in the next 12 months.

The Rise of Digital Audio Advertising report found that 86% of agencies and 66% of advertisers said they now see digital audio as an important part of most media strategies.

The DAX report also revealed that 85% consider podcasts to be an effective way of reaching customers on the go, while 81% of respondents said that digital audio means advertisers can be really contextually relevant.

This growth can be put down to a surge in high-quality content in the digital audio space. Big name publishers such as Bauer, Vogue and Empire have all made significant investment in the medium.

Podcasts provide an engaging environment in which brands can be discussed in a credible way. They have also opened up new audiences to advertisers. According to The Midas Digital Audio Survey, Spring 2019, more than half of podcast listeners (4.5 million) do not stream music.

Speaking to Campaign, Ollie Deane, Global’s director of commercial digital explained why podcasts are proving to be so appealing: “[Podcasts] are where brands want to be, because they sit next to quality content in a good, safe environment – hosts themselves can deliver ads in a personal and immersive environment.”

The DAX report also analysed digital audio listening habits by device. It found that while 75% of digital audio content is still consumed via PCs and smartphones, 17% is consumed on smart speakers. This opens up a number of opportunities for advertisers.

If you’re thinking of adding a podcast to your marketing strategy, here are three reasons you should.

·         Gain SEO and domain authority: Creating a podcast means you are creating loads of opportunities to use backlinks and keywords. They are great ways to share content online and distribute it to subscribers.

·         Showcase your business as a thought leader: By having rich, informative conversations with leaders in your industry you can present yourself as an expert. You can build greater trust through these expert-level discussions – and people buy from those they trust.

·         Access new audiences: With the help of a podcast you can grow a completely new audience. This is your chance to be heard by new ears and new markets, so don’t miss out.

With more than 750,000 shows and over 30 million episodes, there’s a lot of competition in the digital audio space so you want to get it right. But there’s no doubt that podcasts need to be part of your marketing strategy this year.

If you’re looking for the right marketing talent to take advantage of these new trends, talk to us today and or brief us on a role. 

66 %
of advertisers said they now see digital audio as an important part of most media strategies.
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