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Top digital marketing trends for 2019

3 Jan 2019

Reaching audiences online has never been more important, as there is barely a demographic left which does not have an online community.

However, the more the digital marketing space grows, the more important it is to stay on top of trends in this fast-changing space, according to an article from the Digital Marketing Institute.

What are the hot themes in digital marketing to watch out for in 2019?

1. We may have reached peak Facebook

It's still the most popular social media platform, but Facebook's currency with the young is on the wane. Negative publicity over data leaks and fake news dented the tech giant's reputation in 2018. This doesn't mean Facebook is no longer useful to marketers, but decisions to use it should be carefully considered, especially when the target audience is a youthful one.

2. Instagram is top choice for reaching young people

Image - and video-based platform Instagram is a massive hit, growing faster than other social media platforms and now boasting one billion users. Instagram seems to be scooping up the under-30 demographic who are turning away from Facebook.

3. Say hello to the chatbot

When you need help using a platform, you want to talk to a friendly face - but these are expensive. Chatbots are the answer, providing human-style interaction without the cost of paying a real person to answer user questions.

4. Video has hit the mainstream

It's hard to beat video marketing as a tool for direct, effective digital marketing that captures brand personality while also conveying a lot of information in a short space of time.

5. Live video marketing is also becoming more popular

Just as live music has its own attractions over the recorded variety, live video interaction can prove a big hit with target audiences. Enabling spontaneous interaction with an influencer, such as a sports star, musician or other celebrity, will draw a large audience when properly marketed.

6. There's no substitute for quality content

All the digital marketing strategies in the world will not deliver results if your content is not up to scratch. You need high quality content crafted for a specific audience with a true understanding of their needs and interests. Anything less will fail to hit the mark.

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You need high quality content crafted for a specific audience with a true understanding of their needs and interests
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