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New survey says 89% of marketers are driving traffic with location data

25 Jun 2019

A new study by location data provider Factual has revealed that 89% of marketers are seeing increased sales as a result of location data. Improved customer growth (86%) and higher customer engagement (84%) are two more benefits of using location data to boost ad campaigns.

According to the survey, which was conducted with Lawless Research, 94% of marketers plan to use location data as part of their campaigns next year – compared to the 84% of marketers who are doing so this year.

The survey suggests that marketers are increasingly recognising the power of location-based marketing. It also backs up the findings of a separate forecast by BIA Advisory which predicted that location-based marketing would increase 14% to nearly £20 million in ad spending this year.

In terms of what type of location data marketers will be using, geo-targeting advertising comes out on top. Marketers use geo-targeting as a way to reach mobile customers when they are away from home and closer to the point of sale (e.g. a bricks and mortar shop or restaurant).

67% of marketers said they would be using ad targeting, 53% said audience engagement, while 52% agreed that customer experience would be their main priority when using location data.

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of digital campaigns, the Factual study showed there had not been much change since last year. Being used by 52% of marketers, website traffic remains the number one KPI. Following closely behind are brand awareness and sales (both at 50%), social media engagement (48%) and click-through rates (47%).

Factual also discovered that marketers are taking steps to move away from the tech giants. In their quest for alternatives to Google, Facebook and Amazon, marketers are turning to location-based marketing campaigns.

Other research paints a similar picture. In a study by Marin Software, 42% of respondents reported growing industry anxiety over the so-called ad industry duopoly from Google and Facebook. And let’s not forget, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google could be facing increased antitrust scrutiny.

However, the dominance of Google, Facebook and Amazon can be explained when you consider that 49% of agencies and brands questioned in the Factual survey said they saw higher ROI on these platforms compared to others. The most popular alternatives being Instagram (although that’s owned by Facebook, so probably shouldn’t count), Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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94 %
of marketers plan to use location data as part of their campaigns next year
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