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IAB launches new measurement toolkit for marketers

21 Feb 2019

The IAB believes digital advertising has become an industry of 'clickheads'. To counter that, it has announced the first ever National Anti-Click-Through Rate Day (NACTRD) and the launch of a new measurement toolkit.

In a post on Campaign, IAB's chief executive Jon Mew has taken a light-hearted swipe at marketers and advertisers, referring to the industry's dependence on vanity metrics to measure the success of digital media, branding them a bunch of 'clickheads'.

NACTRD is designed to raise awareness of failings in measuring digital advertising and the toolkit combines current best practices with guidance on measuring digital advertising. Focusing on the main models and techniques used to measure digital advertising and how to use them, the guide also provides templates and checklists for creating your own measurement strategy.

In his post, Mew points out that click-through rates are 25 years old. "They made more sense back in 1994, when our measurement capabilities were much less sophisticated and click-through made a decent proxy for actual success."

Today, even though industry has outgrown click-through, the habit persists.

Mew urges industry players not to take the easy option. Rather, to think about long-term goals and how to measure them.

For example, brand studies can be used to measure how adverts impact awareness, familiarity, favourability, consideration and intent. At the same time, econometrics can help decipher the cause-and-effect relationship between ad activity and sales, and the part digital plays in the bigger cross-channel campaign picture.

Speaking about the new toolkit, IAB UK chief digital officer, Tim Elkington said: "Our IAB 2018 survey of brands found that 83% of brands view cross-media measurement as their single biggest measurement challenge. Our guide seeks to address this by focusing on how to measure advertising effectiveness and business outcomes across different media channels."

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83 %
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