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91% of brands boosting in-house marketing teams

24 Jan 2019

The in-house versus outsourced marketing debate has been discussed for some time. But a new study has revealed the argument has recently moved in favour of in-house.

According to research by Digiday and Bannerflow, 91% of brands have moved at least part of their digital marketing operations in-house. The reasons? Top of the list were greater cost efficiency, more control, and increased transparency.

The study, which surveyed 200 senior marketing decision makers from brands, in-housing agencies, and consultancies across Europe, reveals that this in-housing trend is changing the face of digital advertising.

The research reveals a growing sense of self-assurance among marketing leaders. Of those questioned, 58% feel confident in their abilities to go it alone and run an in-house marking team.

The vast majority (96%) believe that as advertising technology and tools have become more widely available, marketers have felt able to take their marketing operations in-house. However, not everyone is so optimistic about the longevity of in-housing: 63% believe it is a passing trend.

Transparency was identified as a key trigger in this shift towards in-housing. 87% of decision makers said they had reservations about the level of transparency offered by agencies.

However, the study also revealed that the road to building an in-house marketing team is not always easy. 56% of those questioned identified a lack of existing talent and skills as the biggest obstacle in building a competent in-house team.

There was also some concern that in-house marketing could hamper creativity if short-term ROI goals took precedent over long-term strategic objectives.

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58 %
feel confident in their abilities to go it alone and run an in-house marking team.
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