29 Mar 2021

I don't need to trot out any of those well worn phrases about the situation we all currently find ourselves in. Times are tough, for all of us, people are losing their jobs and businesses of all sizes are struggling. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. 


With lockdown starting to ease and the economy looking to recover; you may be one of the many employers looking to recruit.


We understand why when perhaps budgets are tight, there is a temptation to do it all yourself and not engage a specialist recruitment agency like ourselves. I can understand it, but I can also tell you that there are plenty of reasons to think again, it might just save you money and precious time. 


Unprecedented levels of applicants


Because of this, those that are recruiting are receiving unprecedented levels of applicants.  One restaurant in Manchester recently received over 960 applications for just one role with more than 50 people chasing each job vacancy in some areas of the UK.  According to data from The Institute for Employment Studies the ratio of benefits claimants to roles is as high as 103-1 in some areas.


It is a mammoth task to go through these applications, sort out the most relevant candidates for interview and respond back to all of them advising how successful each candidate has or hasn't been.  Added to this many smaller companies who may be hiring don't always have the experience to be able to review an application and a CV as thoroughly as they should.  


Lots of applicants doesn't mean the right applicant.


Finding the right candidate for specialist roles in marketing can become even more time consuming and difficult. Just because 50 applicants apply for a role doesn't mean any of them are right. As professional recruiters we see this every day with many people applying for roles they have no experience in or without understanding what the role entails.


How to approach the recruitment process successfully


  • If you are in the process of recruiting you need to ensure your recruitment team has the capacity to deal with the number of potential applications you may currently receive.
  • You need a plan of action on how your will respond quickly and fairly to all the applicants (even those not being progressed).
  • You need to protect your recruitment brand to ensure all applicants have a positive experience.
  • It helps if you have a professionally written advertisement that does its best to attract the best candidate for the role.
  • It makes sense to spend your advertising budget wisely to ensure you are advertising online on the most relevant job boards


How we can help

We have a number of ways we can help you.


Recruitment specialists:  We have a team of experienced, dedicated recruiters with access to our comprehensive database covering candidates across all areas of marketing and digital recruitment as well as the expertise to manage multiple applicants, respond to everyone, and interview them before recommending them for the role. We know how to support you and help you to manage your company's brand professionally and expertly.


In-house recruitment support:  If you have a short term need to increase your in-house recruitment team we have hugely experienced consultants across a wide range of sectors and disciplines who would be able to support and supplement the work of your inhouse teams. 


Payment Plans & 6 Month Money Back Guarantee: We know that sometimes it helps to spread the cost, which is why we are able to offer payment plans on our fee and we are so confident that we'll find you the right people, we offer a money-back guarantee if it doesn't work out within 6 months. Just contact us to find out more. 


Advertise and Filter:  For an extremely cost-effective one-off fee we can advertise the role and filter the candidates, responding to those that aren't right and only passing on the most relevant for you to review and manage yourself.
Finally, we are always happy to have a chat and offer advice on the best way to move forward with your marketing and digital recruitment depending on your specific needs. Find Out More.


Whatever your requirements, ff you looking to recruit marketing, tech or creative talent, we can help, brief us now on.

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