29 Jul 2019

Our Lead Consultant and Partnership Manager, Christine Ebeling Long gives an overview of seven places you can find your next job...

These days it’s a full-time job finding a full-time job.  


Cliché I know but it has never been more true than it is today.


The Candidate “job hunt journey” is getting more and more complicated with candidates having to use so many different sources to find out what jobs are available.


As little as a decade ago,  a marketer was either headhunted for their next role or went to a recruiter.  In my case, I used the same two recruiters for my whole career and they helped me and supported me through all my career choices.  A big thank you to them.


Today it’s infinitely more complex.


If you have just started looking again, after a few years off the market, this is where you need to look.


1) Traditional recruiters: still here and still keen to help but you have to recognise …

- they don’t have the reach the used to have (see in-house recruitment below)

- financial pressure means they don’t always have the luxury of time to spend with their candidates helping them to find a job, improve their cv, or give them moral support like they used to.

- Many these days work with SME’s or smaller businesses that don’t have an in-house recruitment model. Alternatively, they take on the tough specialist roles that the in-house recruiters struggle to deal with.

2) In-house recruitment: great at saving money for their employers and knowing the company they work for inside out but the result for candidates is …

- multiple contacts across multiple companies

- no long term relationship

- potentially biased advice

3) Client career pages: like in-house recruiters they are multiple. You need a focused strategy to ensure you cover off as many of the relevant companies as possible. Signing up for job alerts means you can be told about the relevant roles when they come online although in my experience it is better to apply for a specific role than to just sign on for any role (and hope they come back to you when a relevant role comes up).

4) Aggregator job boards: these are useful. It will give you a good overview of the market and the type of roles available. You can sign up for relevant alerts and apply as appropriate. Pretty impersonal but at least it is focused and you are applying for an actual role.

5) Linkedin: a fantastic tool for recruiters to find great candidates so you need to make sure …

- It’s all about you – it’s your shop window and it needs to be on ‘brand ‘ and as reflective of your career and your job status as possible without letting your current employers know you are actively looking

- It demonstrates your key skills and achievements

- It shows you as available when you’re available and not when you’re not (but that doesn’t mean recruiters won’t contact you just in case)

6) Other specialist job boards: if you are a specialist there is a good chance there will be a job board for your specialism. This is a great way to save time and hassle searching less relevant sites and generic careers pages for the right type of role.

7) Finally, there’s your network: put the word out. Experts say that upwards of 70% of people ended up in their current role thanks to networking. In fact, that’s how I got my role at Stopgap


How we can help.


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