03 Aug 2022

As part of #JobFest, we're interviewing our consultants about what their industry sectors are like at the moment. This week, our Lead Consultant for the B2B team Sarah tells all! 


Sarah! What sector/s do you cover?


Freelance and Permanent roles across B2B tech. We work with a lot of tech start-ups or scale ups.


What is your industry like at the moment? 


Changing all the time! Salaries are going up and up, it's always been a lucrative area but the struggling candidate market has pushed salaries up as clients have to secure the best candidates - who have a lot of choice! The candidate market is particularly lacking in areas such as Product Marketing and Digital. Others such as events are recovering and coming back slowly and there's a big appetite for those on the candidate side. Teams are still rebuilding after covid, and some new tech (health tech, HR tech) has been born out of the pandemic, so there are some interesting start ups looking to recruit new teams! Also, although this has been a trend for a while, clients are still looking to bring as much as possible in house. With so much clever martech out there, they're adopting new systems before outsourcing their marketing teams. This does mean marketing roles are often super varied - and busy!


What are the most in-demand roles?


Candidates want varied marketing roles, with lots of flexibility. Part time has also become more popular.

Clients want Product Marketers!


What does salary look like? 


Salaries for generalist marketing roles in the space have sky rocketed. A mid-level generalist can now easily command 60k for a role, whereas this used to be around £45k.


What could candidates expect from a job in this sector?


Flexible working, competitive benefits, good packages (salary and bonus). In the start up world teams are usually close knit, and marketing roles are demanding as you're usually a jack of all trades with little or no team!



If you're interested in B2B Tech roles (or you just want to find out more!) get in touch with Sarah - 


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