06 Sep 2023

Introduction: Challenging the Status Quo 

It looks like the game is changing, and it's all about embracing fresh approaches like removing CVs from the equation, introducing blind CVs, and even trying some gamified skills assessments. But before we all dive in, let's be real about something – the culture within our organisations needs to be in top shape for any of this to truly work. 


The Power of Removing CVs: An Equal Playing Field 

So, recently, Molson Coors have totally removed CVs for certain roles (in favour of gamified skills assessments). The idea is pretty straightforward: when CVs are out of the picture, we're not clouded by unconscious biases tied to names, addresses, or other personal details. It's like giving every candidate a fair shot, irrespective of their background. But here's the issue: it's not just about making the process CV-less; it's about making sure our interview panels are well-versed in skill-based interviewing. Otherwise, what's the point? 


Enter Gamified Skills Assessments: More Than Fun and Games 

Now, let's talk about gamified skills assessments. Imagine candidates facing real-world challenges and solving problems in a virtual playground. It's like recruitment meets the world of video games – engaging, interactive, and revealing a whole lot about a candidate's abilities. This approach isn't just about making the process more entertaining. It's about extracting insights that go beyond what a CV could ever convey. However, if our gamified assessment isn't aligned with the actual skills we need for the job, then we're back to square one. It could also be argued that gamification is probably not the best way to attract older candidates.  


Embracing Blind CVs: The Balancing Act 

Picture this: you're going through CVs with names and other details stripped away, focusing solely on the skills and experience. This is what Macfarlanes law firm has been doing for some time - blind CVs. It's a powerful concept, no doubt about it. But here's the main issue – HR teams and hiring managers need to be on board with this, not just during CV review but throughout the entire selection process. If they're still conducting interviews that lean toward personal bias and are not effectively interviewing against skills, then the whole blind CV thing? It falls flat.  

The Linklaters Diversity Revelation: Facing the Facts 

The law firm Linklaters is sticking with the full CV approach, and their diversity results stats reflect today’s Britain well. Here's the takeaway: while traditional CVs do offer a deep dive into a candidate's journey, they might also come with a baggage of biases. It's like wearing rose-tinted glasses – you see the world a certain way, but it might not be the true picture. Linklaters' results shine a light on the truth that the right culture and awareness are crucial, no matter which recruitment route we take. 


It's All About the Culture, Baby 

Blind CVs, gamified assessments, or the good old full CV route – they all hinge on one common factor: organizational culture. If our interview panels are still asking outdated and biased questions, or if our hiring managers are relying on gut feelings rather than skill assessments, then we're barking up the wrong tree. It's like having all the fancy tools but not knowing how to use them. 

Steering the Ship of Change 

So, we can embrace these new methods, and they might just be the fresh air our hiring processes need. But remember, it's not just about adopting the latest trends; it's about overhauling our culture, our awareness, and our interview techniques. Blind CVs and gamified assessments won't work magic on their own – they need a culture that champions diversity, equity, and a skill-first mindset. It's time to steer the ship of change, and it all starts from within. 

Shaping the Future of Recruitment 

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If you want to discuss the above ideas, please contact us.  We have seen many different approaches and are happy to share our experiences with you.  

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