08 May 2019

It’s national receptionist day and here at Stopgap, we are lucky to have two of the best receptionists in the business looking after us and everyone who walks through the door – Ann and Sally. We thought we would take this opportunity to introduce you to our wonderful receptionists and allow you to get to know them a bit more.


Ann and Sally have both been part of the team for several years. Sally has been here for twelve years and Ann was the second employee to join Stopgap twenty four years ago! They have witnessed many changes over the years, for example, in the very early stages they were writing messages in a black book.  “And now we feel we often test the patience of the IT boys with our constant pleas for help!” joked Sally.


As a receptionist at Stopgap, they have all the traditional responsibilities that you would expect– such as meeting and greeting candidates and visitors, responding to telephone calls and putting them in touch with the appropriate consultant. But they are also so much more to us; they are an integral part of our team, remaining cheerful and smiling in what can sometimes be stressful situations  -  Ann explains “The pace of life in reception is never constant, at times we can have several candidates arriving, telephones ringing and couriers buzzing at the door simultaneously!”


Both Ann and Sally agree that meeting and chatting to some interesting and entertaining people are amongst the things that they both enjoy most about working in Reception.  They also enjoy creating and maintaining a warm and calm atmosphere, through such things as having fresh flowers in reception, playing suitable music, offering drinks (especially wine and beer) and having an informal chat whilst visitors are waiting. They really are the embodiment of Stopgap, our human approach and caring culture.


Whilst working at Stopgap they have experienced many enjoyable moments over the years.  From dressing up for Christmas parties to being terrified at some of our team building events like abseiling down a mountain!


Thank you, Ann and Sally, for being such an integral part of our team – Stopgap wouldn’t be who we are without you! If you would like to find out more about them both simply click on their names to find out more!


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