28 Mar 2023

Welcome to our March Marketing Digest - where we pick out some of our favourite marketing campaigns we've seen over the course of the month!


Hellman’s Smart Jar


Quite aptly timed, during Food Waste Action Week, and the current cost of living crisis, Hellman’s and agency Ogilvy UK teamed up to work on their latest campaign – the smart jar. Designed to help combat food waste, the design on the jar changes colour to signal when you’ve hit the right temperature in your fridge to keep your food fresh for longer. And who doesn't love funky packaging?!



Bringing B&Q Out of Home


Uncommon are working with B&Q to create eye-catching OOH prints, using their bold orange branding, and clever photography. The campaign, called ‘Ease’, cleverly shows garden items coming to life out of a phone screen. The idea behind the creative concept is to signify that it’s so quick and easy to buy B&Q click and collect items on your phone, that it’s almost as if they explode out of your phone as soon as you’ve bought them! We think this campaign is brilliant - it's super simple, but instantly recognisable as B&Q. The ketchup spilling outside the poster frame creates a 4D effect, which is the cherry on the creative cake (....or the sausage on the BBQ? Doesn't have the same effect). 





The Department for Transport have teamed up with VMLY&R to work on their latest THINK! Campaign, highlighting the dangers of speeding, particularly on rural roads. Called 'Is Pushing Worth It?', the advert shows a teen on the way to meet up with friends. Not wanting to miss out, it shows his car zooming past the camera in a flash, whilst his friends make videos, and play games. The spray of the cans being opened synced up with the washer fluid on the windshield really ties the two storylines together, and the flashes of clips with music building that follows really builds tension and anticipation. The clatter of cans on the floor with, what your imagination can only perceive as the moment of impact with the car, is so cleverly produced. The silence afterwards, while his friends continue to have fun not knowing what's just happened gives that awful gut feeling, which is great for spreading awareness.





VCCP & Transport for London


What we like about this, is that it’s more than just a campaign. VCCP, Transport for London and Wavemaker UK all came together and worked with experts to identify the appropriate way in which people can approach a tense situation on London's public transport. The three companies worked with focus groups to make sure the message goes out to the right people, i.e those who are actively using London’s public transport, who may feel vulnerable, or travel during busy periods. The simple but beautiful artwork makes the message much clearer and easier to follow. It is actually a continuation of the colours used in their previous ‘Stands against hate’ campaign. 


Did you see a campaign this month that caught your eye? Let us know on our socials:





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